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● why would choose the Tiguan?Other models considered

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We play from drive someone bought CR-V, someone bought the Outlander, someone bought ix35, also somebody bought the Tiguan, the basic price is about 200000, this is my budget scope, 300000.

Later, several drive to play, their car has a try, CR-V: space although large, but the power is really very general, whole work too general, open up not feeling staid.The Outlander: car interior work too shabby, sit inside to feel is a car nearly 300000 car, driving while also had to go.Ix35: typical Korean car, plastic sense is very strong, sitting there is not too much sense of security.Tiguan: work and power are satisfied, the mass standard interior also is I like the style.

● the Tiguan owners experience:

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Rearview mirror electric folding occurred failure.The original factory lit headlamps, but last year switched to the ultimate on the original lamp, does not need to change the line.May be considered safe, some large turning radius.(editor's note: because domestic Tiguan wheelbase lengthened)

More satisfying place: Shijiazhuang belongs to the temperate climate, large temperature difference between the four seasons, winter 11.5, summer 10.5 comprehensive fuel consumption, and more than 9, the overall down is in the 10-11 litres (30% suburban expressway, 10% City, near the rest of downtown).

The car used a large space, especially the rear leg room, but does have a small trunk!(editor's note: domestic Tiguan wheelbase lengthened by 2684mm, such advantage is the space inside the car is large, and the trunk, and the passing ability of the vehicle does not help.)

Not full time 4WD on dry pavement, but there are still 5% wheel drive, automatic intervention slip.Through practice, the snow storm in a year, really good security, but don't take him to the cross, is after all not a cross-country car!

Panorama roof insulation and lighting is more contradictory, overall good.I like simple and clean, all the year round without any seat cushion, car didn't put any jewelry.

● we care about fuel consumption and vehicle:

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Forum ID- I'm Peng Rong in Dalian the car buying experience, three 4S shop, a car, the other two to 1-3 months, were not increase phenomenon.

● editor comments:

Although the market for many years, but as the Volkswagen joint venture products only in the domestic market of SUV, the Tiguan has not been anxious market.Despite the negative news variety before and the increase of car crazy, but in no way affect the Tiguan in prospective owners heart.In general, the Tiguan in each aspect is not the most prominent, but on the whole is the equilibrium of SUV, which is suitable to the domestic owners views.

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● Buick Ang Cora guide price: 14.99-19.69 million expansion:

● why choose ang Cora?Other models considered

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The first 1.4T engine I feel less fuel consumption, acceleration also should also be.The girl was on the car is not sensitive, also is to see the appearance, ang Cora interior is more attractive, looking very high-grade appearance, so they decided to set the top.Later the friend is also introduced to have a look the Qashqai Xiao-off, test and found that vehicle isolation belt uncomfortable, interior is outdated.

● ang Cora owners experience:

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When reversing the steering wheel, many &ldquo will appear; click ” the abnormal sound, even if not killed will appear.Without the display on the screen on the downhill, but the actual is available.

Low allocation models of configuration is not high, no reversing radar, Bluetooth will lead to a version above, top distribution models have leather seats but does not support seat heating and electric control.

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● concern ang Colletti car fare problem:

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● editor comments:

“ young, go to SUV, I, 1987”, positioning is very accurate, but also maintain a relatively high level in interior design and workmanship.The power aspect, the addition of 1.4T to domestic consumers to some fresh, and 4WD optional, indeed is a new choice of city culture personality.

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● Na Zhijie 7 SUV guidance price: 18.8-27.0 million expansion:

● why choose nouchi 7?Other models considered

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The big 7 are in the Guangzhou auto show, feel is good, is still the main body weight, safety!And I like appearance, heard that there are a lot of high-tech configuration, and soak for a period of time, said the performance was not bad, the price is high, go to the living museum experience test drive a circle immediately.Compared to before the open other people's car and drive the wisdom to run and IX35, the big 7 gave me the feeling to luxury many, also can be a lot of.

● Na Zhijie 7 owners experience:

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Manipulation of this one, at first a bit does not adapt, after all, the car is large and heavy, but the habit after the discovery of 7 is actually quite flexible, steering wheel and so.Sound insulation cotton is not thick, but the sound effect is still good.

Besides the good part, first of all must be beautiful, big 7 car as it, look at the very atmosphere, regardless of which angle, wheel hub's version of the very cool.

The seat is very comfortable, dark brown interior is I most loves, 7 seat with heating + memory + ventilation function, quite advanced.The THINK+ system of N times, found a little too intelligent, a lot of sensory function utility is rarely used, use a little more is the voice dialing hands-free phone.Like most or voice control and 360 degree panoramic camera, super convenient parking.

Before and after the main configuration Na Zhijie 7 4WD edge Zhi Zun type front airbag ● row of side airbag, before and after the row of air curtain, HUD figures show the rise in vehicle stability system, upslope auxiliary, keyless start ● panoramic parking and radar, electric sunroof, cruise control, power leather seats, seat heating + memory + ventilation.In the control display + Bluetooth phone ● xenon headlamps, automatic headlights + height adjustable ● night vision system, the speaker number 8 outer rear-view mirror heating + memory ● interior atmosphere lamp, automatic air conditioning and a rear air outlet.

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● Na Zhijie on 7 cold start problem:

Forum ID- CD (1.4T 4WD all-round flagship): as the big 7 first owner on this issue in-depth research, he said on 7 haven't encountered difficult cold start problem, but summed up his experience there are 5 driving attention.Interested friends can go to have a look of his post.

● editor comments:

The Na Zhijie 7 SUV is a people should remember that car, it proved to be even independently, also can make the luxury SUV, although the consumption on some disappointing, but you cannot determine it is not good enough, to experience the configuration and the seat of its comfort may change your views.

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● the Great Wall hover M4 guidance price: 6.39-7.19 million expansion:

● why the Great Wall hover M4?Other models considered

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But I think the car no characteristics, the city was okay, but out Zijia You, I think the chassis to high, or encountered bad road conditions, the card can not move there.So I transfer direction SUV, this is also very consistent with my unyielding personality.After a delete selected, I eventually chose Harvard M4.

At that time in the Internet to see, this car is really nice.Especially the seat, the mix, movement and passion, let I the whole people excited.

● the Great Wall hover M4 owners experience:

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After all, less than 70000 of the domestic car, small problems of M4 or a little more.First, the original car comes with CN navigation is suck, map relatively old, not a lot of updates, and recalculate the speed is very slow, the error is relatively large, the last angry, the original car CN map card removed, to buy a memory card into the Kaili map.

Then the sound will be breaking the sound, people are very depressed, so most of the owners have chosen to DIY audio, the way to do four doors.

Trunk space in the home when it reflects the serious insufficient, put 2 double shoulder schoolbag is full, and the trunk door is forced to close completely.So I decided to pack a suitcase, so do not plug into the trunk all the things on the car roof luggage.

Finally, there is the gap between the trunk and the body is relatively large, rain or irrigation cars have dirty things flow car cracks, though not to the car, but opened the trunk door can see the residual dirty in the rear taillight.So the owner bought some big rubber strip, the gap paste up, improve the sealing body.

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● about before the car when drops of water seepage problems:

ID-kukuo520 Forum: in a famous quote posts, gives the solutions to the various problems on the M4, including of course the problem, specifically is to go to 4S shop with a protective shell.

● editor comments:

The Great Wall is really the independent brand in the SUV king, it can seize the psychological consumers, small crossover SUV market that is a new area, M4 is grasped the opportunity.But the body is small, but the space utilization rate is very high, and no loss for many practical.Such a weapon, it is no wonder that appears on the market to sell so well.

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