Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda's entry-level compact family car Xin Rui has been officially listed, the price interval for 7.99-11.69 yuan. Skoda Xin Rui and new Santana and the new Jetta models for the same platform, the appearance of the design elements of the Mission L concept car, the power also new Jetta and Santana is basically the same. The car has 1.4L and 1.6L two power of 7 models, the following brought Skoda Xin Rui line guide.

The new Jetta / Santana with platform

Skoda Xin Rui and new Santana and the new Jetta models for the same platform, positioning the entry-level compact car market, the long high width respectively 4501/1706/1469mm, 2603mm wheelbase is more than his elder brother sharp.

Appearance, Skoda Xin Rui car lots from the design elements of the Mission L concept car, a new grille with straight headlights and front bumper simple let front and the atmosphere appears to be stable. The side of the body is still maintained a simple style, the design is more plump.

Interior, Skoda Xin Rui adhering to the popular family contracted, mediocre, a bar style wind password interior looks more structured. Some high allocation of vehicles will be equipped with electric heating seat, automatic air conditioning, GPS navigation and entertainment system.

● the continuation of the new Santana powered Volkswagen's EA211 engines

Skoda Xin Rui with popular EA211 series 1.4L and 1.6L naturally aspirated engine. The total production of aluminum engine than the EA111 series engine lost 22 kg, the fuel consumption rate is reduced by 8-10%. The timing chain has restored as a timing belt form, bring to reduce engine noise. The maximum output power of 81kW (110 horsepower) /5800rpm, maximum torque of 155Nm/3800rpm.

With the movement patterns of the 6 speed manual gearbox and 1.6 liter engine with be just perfect, although the lack of a manual shift function, but reliable quality and economic maintenance repair costs still let it get the love and recognition of many customers.

● 1.4L two configuration for manual models

Skoda new 1.4L models for manual models, entry-level Le select edition guidance price of 79900 yuan, Express Edition guidance price of 90900 yuan. Price 11000 yuan, including aluminum alloy wheels, sunroof, reversing radar, front fog lamp and driving computer configuration, buy direct version is more cost-effective.

● manual / automatic price ten thousand yuan a variety of configuration optional

1.6L models equipped with price for 11000 yuan, manual and automatic vehicle price 10000 yuan. The multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, heated front seats and Bluetooth car phone, except the starter edition are individually matching.

A total of Xin Rui 1.6L 5 new models, the starter edition music selected version only provides manual models, the remaining four configured according to the sorting version and optimized version for wisdom, with five speed manual and six speed automatic vehicle. The brake assist and vehicle stability system is equipped with in the preferred version vehicle type, direct election edition models can be selected, the security configuration that is very necessary.

Comments: Skoda Xin Rui prices with the new Jetta and Santana did not pull too large gap, it is almost the same configuration. Although belonging to the same rank vehicle type, but for the Skoda brand benefit compared to the general public or have a certain gap, while in the after sale service and coverage also not popular, at present is only expected to make more profits in the dealer level.

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