Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan is continued selling since listing, has so far remained popular models. In just the past fifteenth session of the Shanghai auto show, import the Skoda Yeti listed to divide a cup of a thick soup in this field, from the same PQ35 platform two models, exactly what's the difference? Which is more cost-effective? The following one one to answer your questions.

● the Tiguan Yeti atmospheric poise appearance: ancient spirit demon

A popular family Facebook has also been ported to the domestic Tiguan body, compared with prior to import into the domestic sales of the Tiguan, a new face more atmospheric, elegant, but the lower edge of the bumper is decreased near angle, as the imported Tiguan “ parrot mouth & rdquo; utility.

The Tiguan side lines have logo, concise, crisp, no significant bloated face models, design is more and more big, more and more rich, the Tiguan is rare “ pliable ”. The back door is the only feeling extension ratio is not too harmonious place.

Five wheel sturdy great tension, size and 2.0T models the entire department as up to 17 inches, but only 1.8T top distribution version of the unique style, and with 2.0T all models of different from the side, is good to distinguish two different cars.

The Tiguan tail lines is not complicated, but looked very handsome, smart, of course, not everyone likes elegant tail, for the appearance of aesthetic always turnip green vegetables. Two on the right side of vehicles with TIGUAN TSI to mark the tail, but the 1.8T “ TSI” three letters only SI is red, and the 2.0T models of three letters are in red.

Yeti positioning is a compact city SUV, body size length width height is 4223× 1793× 1691mm, the wheelbase is 2578mm. Except the height, other than the Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan smaller. Folding, mobile and remove the three seats can be Skoda Yeti rear implementation independent, so that the rear maximum space can reach 1760 liters.

Appearance, Yeti front air grille design and Jingrui Octavia and Hao Rui, run in the same groove, also inherited Skoda unique waterfall grille. Square design, angular lines clear, give a person very stocky feeling. Iconic circular headlamps is an important personality.

Yeti upper and lower body color design at the top of the luggage rack, and the lower part of the use of black plastic chafing surrounded, also let the car a sense of movement greatly enhance. And are equipped with metal chassis shield.

● Tiguan configuration over Yeti is priced too high

We choose the price of the most close to the Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TSI auto 4WD ultimate and Skoda Yeti 1.8T comfortable edition comparison, here is the specific configuration difference table. Two car price respectively is 309800 yuan and 293000 yuan.

Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan and Skoda Yeti configuration table

Popular interior design and style is very pragmatic, all with concise, practical for the purpose, it is no exaggeration to say that the current popular vehicle interior layout and planning have become the target of many brands of reference, the Germans for functional rigorous like they treat beer as impeccable.

Skoda Yeti interior simple atmosphere, all black interior with chrome bright strip and decorative panel finish processing, adds a sense of fashion. Three steering top distribution models of the wheel with multiple function keys, in addition in the control area color display, navigation and Bluetooth function only in the top distribution version vehicle type.

Skoda Yeti currently imported into the country, only two configuration. Table comparison of visible, with the most close to the Tiguan and Yeti for price comparison, many configuration on the Yeti phase, and the higher prices, also let the car price is greatly reduced.

● Tiguan body size dominant Yeti trunk volume 1760L

The Tiguan body size is not great, compared with most opponents at the same level are accounted for less than cheap, so the optimization design of the space inside the car is the most important. Performance in front of the head and leg room is also good, the rear space performance is not too good. In addition, as a SUV models, the Tiguan trunk depth is not enough, compared to competitors, trunk volume Tiguan does not have the advantage of.

In the table above, the Skoda Yeti is not dominant in body size, length, width and wheelbase are less than the Tiguan, affected the rear ride comfort. In addition, the trunk volume than the Tiguan big. However, if the Yeti rear seats recline, luggage maximum volume is up to 1760L, far larger than the Tiguan 1530L.

● Tiguan provides three types of power Yeti 1.8T with dual clutch gearbox

The Tiguan equipped with the 1.8T engine familiar 160 horsepower, peak torque of 250 nm, a broad platform for city traffic is appropriate, 1500 -4500 region is the most commonly used daily driving range. Fuel consumption performance is also very economical, maintenance also inherits the Volkswagen consistently expensive features. In addition, the Tiguan also provides 1.4T and 2.0T two power.

The power aspect, the Skoda Yeti with 1.8TSI engine, maximum power 112kW, maximum torque of 250Nm, transmission matching 6 speed automatic gearbox. 100 km of acceleration time of 9 seconds, will also be equipped with real-time system.

Summary: the Skoda Yeti market has attracted a lot of attention in the past 2013 Shanghai auto show, the first to import into the country, 300000 of the price really concerned about the car consumers disappointed. The Tiguan is a lot of important reference Yeti population, domestic quickly after the conquest of a lot of the level of consumers. Yeti current pricing and the Tiguan competition, stick out a mile that results. However, the domestic Yeti has been determined to be put into operation in August, will be based on 1.4T and 1.8T is the flagship model, believe that the domestic price will greatly enhance the competitiveness of, also should not be underestimated.

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