Purchase a car manual [] following the introduction of the hippocampal knight, in some time ago, the seahorse automobile has brought a new compact SUV hippocampal S7 models, the price interval for 10.68-14.68 yuan. The listing of the hippocampal S7 is derived from the hippocampal knight, but from the exterior and interior, hippocampal S7 appears more young fashion, and in the configuration level is relatively high. Below, we will address it launched 6 models, we analyze which kind of cost-effective, more worthy of purchase.

Hippocampal S7 official guidance price models price (yuan) 2.0L manual Zhi Shang type 10.682.0L automatic Zhi Shang 11.882.0L manual Zhi shared type 11.682.0L automatic wisdom enjoy 12.882.0L manual Zhi Zhen type 13.182.0L automatic Zhizhen type 14.68

● models.

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智享型

Hippocampal S7 from hippocampal knight, but in appearance will find the difference is obvious, especially in the front and rear part. Hippocampal S7 adopts the design idea of "rhyme dynamics", other more fashionable, body lines, elite capable, the car looks more compact sport.

Hippocampal S7 dimensions of 4498 x 1830 x 1730 (mm), the wheelbase is 2619mm. Harvard and the same level of H6, Pentium X80 and Global Hawk GX7 and other competitors, it is dominant in the height of the body, but in other data, especially plays a key role in wheelbase data of space travel, hippocampal S7 at a disadvantage.

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智臻型Model 2.0L manual Zhi Shang type 2.0L automatic Zhi Shang 2.0L manual Zhi shared type 2.0L automatic wisdom enjoy 2.0L manual Zhi Zhen type 2.0L automatic Zhizhen tire specifications of 215/70 R16235/70 R16235/65 R17 tire specifications for 215/70 R16 aluminum alloy wheel hub

Hippocampal S7 launched 6 models, a total of three different matching the tyre size. The manual Zhi Shang tire specifications for 215/70 R16; automatic Zhi Shang type, manual / automatic wisdom enjoy type, manual Zhizhen tire specifications for 235/70 R16; and the automatic Zhizhen type is equipped with 235/65 R17 tire specifications.

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智享型"The black interior.

Hippocampal S7 interior can be said to be completely invisible to hippocampal Knight's shadow, which adopts a new design style. Console design is derived from the sea gulls soar to great heights, looks more fashion sense. Upper console with soft material, and has good performance in the grain processing and feel. In the interior color, hippocampal S7 models based on different configuration has certain difference, low with the manual / automatic Zhi Shang type uses black rice color, the seat velvet fabric, color the same as the beige; while in the high allocation of manual / automatic wisdom enjoy type and manual / automatic Zhizhen are the interior color black, seat for microfiber fabric, color using the more youthful black and orange.

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智享型Hippocampal S7 in the same rank vehicle type in the middle level of space travel, height 179cm experience sitting in the back row, have 1 fist around the head and leg room. In addition, the second row seat support 4/6 proportion, the trunk volume normal state is 400L.

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智享型The power aspect, hippocampal S7 carrying the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine in the independent research and development, this engine is also used in the hippocampus knight, the maximum power of 150 horsepower (110kW) /6000rpm, peak torque is 180N · m/4500rpm. Transmission, the car matching manual block 5 or 5 block manual gearbox.

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智享型As for the chassis, it uses a combination of Mason type suspension, rear multi-link. In addition, the hippocampal S7 only two drive models, not the introduction of 4WD models, the chassis of captured pictures from our point of view, manufacturers may have the action of future.

● manual Zhi Shang type

Hippocampal S7 series standard master / deputy driver's seat airbag ABS+EBD leather multifunction steering wheel for lumbar support adjustment front fog lamp tire pressure monitoring device rearview mirror heating rear-view mirror automatic anti-glare rearview mirror electric control reversing radar aluminum alloy wheel hub headlight height adjustable

"Tire pressure detection is the standard.

The front fog lamp is the standard "" reversing radar is the standard.

Read some of the basic introduction of hippocampus after S7, we configure link. First we have a look the minimum allocation models throughout the system, the system standard manual intelligence is basically equivalent to the hippocampal S7. In the above table we can see that, in hippocampal S7 standard 16 inch alloy wheels, leather multifunction steering wheel, reversing radar, front fog lamps, rearview mirror heating, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror function as well as the tire pressure detection, configuration level is not low, need can basically meet the daily walking. The only regret it is not fitted to the vehicle stability control system.

● manual Zhi Shang and automatic Zhi Shang contrast

Manually configure the wisdom is the automatic Zhi Shang manufacturers guidance price (million) price (yuan) 10.6811.88 -1.2 gearbox manual block 5 and 5 block manual Cruise - from one tire specifications 215/70 R16235/70 R16 speed.

"Cruise control automatic Zhi Shang / automatic wisdom enjoy / automatic Zhizhen type equipped with.

Automatic Zhi Shang type automatic models of hippocampal S7 equipped with a minimum of, it is compared with manual Zhi expensive 12000 yuan. In addition to reflect on the configuration in the gearbox, automatic intelligence is also more Cruise (Note: this configuration 3 automatic models are equipped with manual transmission, but no), and the two models in the hub style and tire width are different, the manual Zhi Shang is the only 215/70 R16 tire specifications, the tire width is smaller than the other version.

By hand or on its own 动智 Susumu type

Manual / automatic wisdom enjoy compared with manual / automatic Zhi Shang type gearbox, in the same premise, the price of 10000 yuan. Appearance, automatic wisdom enjoy type and automatic Zhi Shang type and there is no difference, but the manual wisdom enjoy type (tire size: 235/70 R16) and manual Zhi Shang type (tire size: 215/70 R16) differ in the tire width and hub style.

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智享型The vehicle stability control system of the automatic / manual Zhi Shang and other models are equipped with. "

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智享型"Reverse image except the manual / automatic Zhi Shang and other models are equipped with.

Compared with the manual / automatic Zhi Shang type, with the price of 10000 yuan for the stability in the body system, reverse image, GPS navigation and a 7 inch LCD screen configuration, which not only brings more security for our daily driving, manual / automatic wisdom enjoy type a certain improvement in comfort, I think this part of the cost of the cost of the absolute value. In addition, manual / automatic wisdom enjoy above version interior with black color, with black and orange seats, more sense of movement.

● manual / automatic Zhizhen type

Manual / automatic Zhizhen compared with manual / automatic knowledge sharing type, in the same transmission under the premise, the price increased by 1.5/1.8 yuan. During an appearance on the biggest difference is the manual / automatic Zhizhen equipped with daytime running lamps and electric sunroof, automatic Zhizhen type top with the 17 "new style wheels, which other models are not.

"Daytime driving lights manual / automatic Zhizhen type equipped with" "electric sunroof manual / automatic Zhizhen type equipped with.

The disposition aspect, manual / automatic Zhizhen compared with manual / automatic wisdom enjoy also added the front side airbags, main driving seat electric adjustment, heated front seats, rearview mirror electric folding and automatic air conditioning, speaker number upgrade to 6.

At the same time, manual Zhizhen compared with manual wisdom enjoy type increases the engine start-stop system, fuel economy has been improved; automatic Zhizhen compared with automatic wisdom enjoy increased BCM body control module, a key start, keyless entry system, steering wheel 4 to the adjustment and the active safety headrest. Overall, manual / automatic Zhizhen configuration to further improve, more is to the effect of icing on the cake, the selling price increase of 1.5/1.8 yuan in exchange for the configuration, cost is in reasonable range, but manual / automatic Zhizhen type in this price, will reach the good lion run and Tucson in price.

■ recommendation models, manual / automatic wisdom enjoy price: 11.68/12.88 yuan Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

In the introduction of the 6 models, the two models of the most worth buying, compared the entry-level manual / automatic Zhi Shang type in the price increase of 10000 yuan, but for including the stability in the body system, reverse image, GPS navigation and a 7 inch LCD screen configuration. Overall, the price of 10000 yuan for the configuration is absolutely super value, and manual / automatic Zhi Shang type in the price is reasonable, in all models of neutral price is relatively high, it is recommended.

● manual / automatic Zhizhen price: 13.18/14.68 yuan Recommendation Index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Manual / automatic Zhizhen type price than manual / automatic wisdom enjoy type are expensive to 1.5/1.8 million, in the disposition aspect, manual / automatic Zhizhen in safety and comfort are improved, its configuration is more comprehensive. But the two models price is 13.18/14.68 yuan, the price has already reached some joint venture compact SUV. In general, manual / automatic Zhizhen type is more suitable for funds is relatively ample consumer.

● summary

In general, the hippocampal S7 have good performance in appearance, interior design, believe to be able to attract not young consumer concerns, it will further aggravate the independent compact SUV competition. Through the above analysis we can see the manual / automatic wisdom enjoy most cost-effective, this car in safety and comfort configuration equilibrium, and 11.66/12.88 million price is reasonable, but it is a pity that the two models are not equipped to panoramic sunroof. Of course, if consumers have abundant funds, can also choose automatic / manual Zhizhen type, the two models of safety and comfort configuration is more abundant. (text / chart Ruan Zhihui)

Hippocampal S7 prices have been officially announced, the new car will also in succession in the near future to shop, want to know the new car in your area to store information or booking, please click here; you can also click here for more information.

Some models of parameter configuration:

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