A period of the depth of investigation] distance battery investigation has been for a long time, now we pick up this topic. The investigated models is still the recent listing of several popular models, including the compact car, car and SUV. Next, let us look at these popular models of the battery performance!

The battery capacity survey articles that commercially available mainstream models (a) battery investigation to see who is more! Investigation of the mainstream car battery market (two) independent compact car article mainstream models battery Survey (three) joint venture compact car article mainstream models battery Survey (four)

The car battery is divided into ordinary lead-acid (non maintenance-free battery and maintenance-free battery) two

In the vehicle battery is divided into ordinary lead-acid (non maintenance-free battery maintenance-free battery) and two kinds, ordinary lead-acid battery cost is low, need to add distilled water to add electrolyte for maintenance, to ensure the normal use. The other is maintenance-free storage battery, this battery electrolyte consumption is very small, in the life does not need to add distilled water, more convenient to use. General maintenance free battery service life is about 4-5 years, at a price higher than ordinary lead-acid battery. But with the development of science and technology, the current lead-acid battery some brands have made great progress, its life is not better than the maintenance-free battery is low, and under normal use without regular replenishment of electrolytes.

● how to distinguish between ordinary lead-acid and maintenance-free battery

日产东风日产骐达2011款 1.6L CVT豪华型Ordinary lead-acid battery due to the need for regular replenishment of electrolyte, so the battery can be unscrewed the top with the fluid port. On the contrary, maintenance-free battery is not, so that the surface is flat. In addition, there are a lot of the vehicle's battery is put in the dust box, only to open the dust-proof box to see the battery.

Several important data of the storage battery:

Rated voltage: under normal circumstances, household car battery voltage is 12V.

Capacity: it is said that under certain conditions (temperature, discharge rate, and battery terminal voltage) release of electricity. Units of the general car battery capacity is Ah, such as the capacity of 45Ah battery if continuous discharge current of 1A, so it can be continuous discharge for 45 hours. The capacity of the storage battery is good, otherwise it will affect the use of automobile electrical equipment. Of course, higher capacity battery price is higher.

The starting current and low temperature (CCA): the battery we see above two data and a mark is "CCA", said the low temperature condition, the battery can provide to the engine starting current. The value for the battery at -17.8 ℃ discharge for 30 seconds, the current battery feed voltage on the limit before the. For example: the battery shell of a 12V labeled CCA value is 450, and its significance in -17.8 ℃, the voltage drop to 7.2V, continuously for 30 seconds can provide the amount of current 450A.

● the common types of naming the common standard battery:

One, based on the national standard GB, with type 6-QAW-54a battery as an example, as described below:

6: consists of 6 cell, each single cell battery voltage is 2V, the rated voltage of 12V; Q: the application of battery, Q for automotive starter batteries, M battery for motorcycle, JC boat battery, HK aviation battery, D battery electric vehicles, said F valve control type storage battery; A and W: battery types, A said dry charged battery, W said maintenance-free type battery, if not that ordinary batteries; 54: rated capacity of the battery is 54Ah; however a: indicated for the first time the improvement of primary products, the name with the subscript b second improvement, followed by analogy. (Note: the models with the D low-temperature startup performance, such as the 6-QA-110D)

Two, based on the Japanese JIS standard, such as the model for "the following analytical battery parameter meaning of" 38B20L ":

38: representing the performance parameters of the battery. The greater the number, said battery can store more energy. (Note: the numerical size has nothing to do with capacity) B: Battery width and height code. Battery width and height is denoted by a 8 letter of the (A to H), the character is close to the H, said the battery of width and height values more. 20: Battery length is about 20cm. L: the positive terminal location, away from the battery pole to see the past, the positive terminal at the right end of the R, the positive terminal at the left end of the standard L.

Three, based on the German DIN standards, such as the model for "the following battery CCA 660" the meaning of parameters analysis:

CCA: low starting current of 660: low starting current is 660 amperes.

2013 Buick Excelle

别克通用别克凯越2013款 1.5L 自动尊享型Excelle is compact car market a veteran manufacturers, in 2013 for a small change, despite little change in appearance, but the replacement of the new power system, to make it a great improvement in fuel economy. But manufacturers and not because the replacement and the replacement of the battery power system, still buy is well-known brand ACDelco maintenance-free battery, capacity 55Ah, low starting current is up to 610A, with a 1.5 liter vehicle is enough. But the Buick 4S shop pricing on the battery is not cheap, 650 yuan is a lot more expensive than the market price, plus the man-hour cost 50 yuan, that is to say if you choose to replace the battery as the Excelle in the 4S store, for a total of $700.

2013 Buick ang KORA ENCORE

别克通用别克昂科拉ENCORE2013款 1.4T 手动两驱进取型Ang KORA ENCORE is Buick in 2012 October introduced a small SUV, it breaks the pattern of the market, further lower the threshold of SUV, make the budget as long as hundreds of thousands of consumers can also buy a fashionable, configuration of rich, strong power and equipped with four-wheel drive system of the joint venture SUV models.

别克通用别克昂科拉ENCORE2013款 1.4T 自动四驱旗舰型Buick ang KORA ENCORE uses is 1.4T+6AT combination of power, acceleration performance and ride comfort are of good performance, it uses the battery from the same ACDelco (unknown type), but the capacity and low starting current and the difference. Its capacity 60Ah, low starting current of 438A, 4S shop price 605 yuan, man-hour cost 60 yuan, the total price of 665 yuan, cheaper than the excelle.

2013 Shanghai Volkswagen Santana

大众上海大众新桑塔纳2013款 1.6L 自动豪华版Santana is a big name in Chinese, but in 2012 listed the new Santana essence, but with the "generation" models do not have any relations. It is a product from the PQ25 platform, should belong to the same level with POLO, but because of its body size and the wheelbase is longer, so we put it into the compact car. In practice, it's the space inside the car is not lost on most compact car.

大众上海大众新桑塔纳2013款 1.6L 自动豪华版New Santana 1.4 liters and 1.6 liters of two power options, 6AT gearbox is also a bright spot in it. New Santana uses varta 5KD 915 105C battery, the POLO and Skoda Fabia models are consistent. The battery capacity 51Ah, low starting current of 480A, 4S price is 622 yuan, man-hour cost 70 yuan, replacing the battery all costs 692 yuan. In addition, because the battery surface mass series models have a piece of circuit board, so when the detachable slightly some trouble.

2012, speed sharp 1.5T models

比亚迪比亚迪速锐2012款 1.5TID 自动豪华型BYD is the first turbocharged engine and dual clutch transmission technology in their own brand manufacturers, BYD's brand influence has been greatly improved. While the speed is by virtue of the remote control technology, there was no parallel in history. The gained media attention. Although the dual clutch gearbox speed sharp on the ride comfort and space of very big promotion, but the dynamic 1.5T turbo engine, but can be regarded as well. Plus it rich configuration, the comprehensive strength of BYD speed is strong.

比亚迪比亚迪速锐2012款 1.5TID 自动豪华型Because the speed sharp configuration is very high, and has a remote control and remote engine starting technology, so it has high requirement for battery. Speed sharp factory equipped with the Valta 80D26L battery, capacity 70Ah, low starting current is 600A, these parameters can be comparable to the medium-sized car. But its battery price is relatively more expensive, 4S stores the quoted price is 654 yuan, the replacement of man-hour cost 30 yuan, the total cost of 684 yuan.

2013 Dongfeng Citroen C4L

雪铁龙东风雪铁龙雪铁龙C4L2013款 1.8L 自动劲驰版Although the C4L listed time is not long, but with strong power of 1.6T and a spacious and comfortable riding feeling to the people left a deep impression. C4L is one of the bright younger generation compact car market, the biggest bright spot is that by PSA and BMW jointly developed 1.6T engine, this engine in some time ago it was dubbed the "2013 international top engine".

雪铁龙东风雪铁龙雪铁龙C4L2013款 1.6THP 自动劲智版C4L battery is almost a whole circuit board cover, from the outside, it is difficult to see the battery brand and parameters. After we and the 4S store that, Sega C4L uses battery before and there is no difference, and the maintenance-free battery, as the Bosch L2-400 capacity 60Ah, low starting current of 640A, accessories price 490 yuan, man-hour cost 96 yuan, the total price is more than some of Shi Jiagui.

2013 Dongfeng Peugeot 3008

标致东风标致标致30082013款 1.6THP 罗兰·加洛斯版3008 is the Dongfeng Peugeot launched the first SUV models, from the current interest and sales, it should be regarded as a successful models. I think it's successful first should be attributed to the manufacturers to correct positioning of the 3008, although it is derived based on the compact car platform and space and work, but is not more than CR-V, the Tiguan mainstream SUV difference, but the price lower than them, so the 3008 best-selling will be not at all surprising.

标致东风标致标致30082013款 1.6THP 自动至尚版3008 and C4L using the same power system, so their batteries are basically the same, this point in the previous SEGA and 308 have been verified. In general, Citroen and Peugeot have Bosch and camel two battery supplier, described above, C4L uses the Bosch battery, and we in this investigation using just 3008 is the same as the L2-400 models of the camel storage battery, capacity and low starting current and C4L are exactly the same, respectively 60Ah, 640A. But the Peugeot 4S shop price is relatively cheap to battery, accessories price 480 yuan, man-hour cost 100 yuan, a total of 580 yuan.

2013 - Toyoda Kamimizu

丰田广汽丰田凯美瑞2012款 2.5V 至尊导航版Seventh generation Camry application more tough line, make it seem young sports a lot. However, its shape does not seem to be too much, so that sales are not as great as it once was. In fact, if you carefully observe the generation Camry, you'll find out that it has great progress in the exterior and interior texture. More importantly, 6 speed manual gearbox has finally become the standard configuration of 2.5 liter vehicle (hybrid version.). In general, its overall strength compared to the previous generation has increased significantly.

丰田广汽丰田凯美瑞2012款 骏瑞 2.5S 凌动版Japanese cars have always use the local brand parts, and the battery is almost non free maintenance, such as the Camry is used in Hitachi brand blame maintenance-free storage battery, the capacity 65Ah, low starting current is 630A, the parameter, the battery is good. In fact, the 4S store the battery called "maintenance-free liquid can be added" battery, its service life is about 4-5 years, quite and maintenance-free battery. According to the 4S store that, under normal use of the battery in the life time is no need to add electrolyte, but if used improperly, such as long-term vehicle park not, listen to music, or the off state, the battery may lose power, when necessary to add electrolyte. The battery 4S stores offer for 695 yuan, the replacement of man-hour cost is 80 yuan, the total cost of 775 yuan.

2013 Dongfeng Nissan Teana

日产东风日产天籁2013款 2.5L XL-NAVI 豪华版As a mid-size car market another best-selling Japanese models, sounds of nature in the previous period also experienced replacement. In addition to the exterior and interior were of a new design, the biggest change of the new generation Teana is a 2.5 liter L4 engine instead of the 2.5 liter V6 engine. Although a decrease of two cylinders, but the new L4 engine in the parameter does not lose to the V6 before the engine, but also the improvement in fuel economy.

日产东风日产天籁2013款 2.5L XL-NAVI Tech智享版The new Teana adopted GS (Unified) brand blame maintenance-free storage battery, the capacity 62Ah, low starting current is 582A, compared to just introduce the Camry, Teana in the battery parameters although slightly less, but this does not affect the daily work. In addition, the Nissan 4S shop for the user to replace the battery price slightly lower than the Camry, the parts for the price of 590 yuan, man-hour cost only 48 yuan.

2013 Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao

雪佛兰通用雪佛兰迈锐宝2013款 2.0 经典版Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao despite years of history in the United States, but in China it is still a fledgling young models. However in the mid-size car market competition is intense, Mai Rui Bao has been based on balanced strength and ultra-high price gradually gain a firm foothold. It is really a worthy recommendation model, because it is already selling and Sagitar compact car be roughly the same, but it is a hundred-percent medium-sized vehicle.

雪佛兰通用雪佛兰迈锐宝2013款 2.0 舒适版Mai Rui Bao is the sail brand maintenance-free battery, capacity 60Ah, low starting current is 525A, the battery in the 4S shop selling price is 452 yuan, man-hour cost is 90 yuan, the overall cost is not expensive.


Hot cars battery parameters and price list models if the maintenance of brand models capacity (Ah) low starting current of 4S shop accessories price man-hour cost price Excelle is ACDelco86-61055610A650 yuan 50 yuan 700 yuan ang KORA ENCORE ACDelco- 60438A605 yuan 60 yuan 665 yuan new Santana is Wahl tower 5KD 915 105C51480A622 yuan 70 yuan 692 yuan speed is varta 80D26L70600A654 yuan 30 yuan 684 yuan C4L is Bosch L2-40060640A490 yuan 96 yuan 586 yuan of the Peugeot 3008 is the camel L2-40060640A480 yuan 100 yuan 580 yuan Teana not unified GS80D23L62582A590 yuan 48 yuan 638 yuan Camry not Hitachi 80D26L65630A695 yuan 80 yuan 775 yuan Mai Rui Bao is the sail 1350047660525A452 yuan 90 yuan 542 yuan

Currently on the market most household car uses is maintenance free battery, and only some Japanese manufacturers insist on the use of non maintenance-free battery. But even now blame maintenance-free storage battery, in fact, used in the normal circumstances have no user to periodically added electrolyte, use rise and maintenance-free battery is convenient, and the two life is not much difference. From these models we investigate, they use the battery whether brand, or parameters are able to do so that consumers be assured. But with the increased purchasing costs, 4S shop for battery price is generally higher than the market price, the average cost 200 yuan. So we suggest that you: if your vehicle has been beyond the warranty period, then to some regular repair shop to replace the battery cheaper, of course premise is the replacement of the battery must be and vehicle matching. (text / chart Zhang Ziyi)

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