Objective: the third Sunday of every June, year only belongs to a festival — father's day, starting from the perspective of the father, the father will herald the men need to shoulder a heavier responsibility, from the children's point of view, everyone a bit about the father in the process of growth. This paper only through the father's day, recommend a few products performance and reputation are good models, to those men who father this appellation.

All two B class car

In the B level car market in a hundred flowers contend in beauty, has obvious promotion in the sounds of nature and the sale of the old funds, market performance, stable store discount range is not small, as well as the models in affordable prices (see below), so that the two models all aspects of competition in full force.

Dongfeng Nissan Teana

Characteristics of the new Teana obviously family type, and the first met a lot of people will send “ this is a larger version of the &rdquo & nbsp; sigh, echoing the X design elements and the engine hatch lines, it is a symbol of the next family car contour. Slightly higher waist money replaced the old section of the “ low ” closure, and C column inward design, for &ldquo ” hip; let the body firming effect of sense, increase overall measurements new but not bloated feeling.

The new Teana in the control of new layout area, from the old section of multimedia and air distribution and buy the way, into a whole through up and down, and realize the function of the button to large and small, knobs and buttons to identify, is very convenient to operate. But for the chrome material to replace the imitation mahogany trim changes, the middle there is a different voice.

- Toyoda Kamimizu

The first glimpse of the new Camry, very easy to associate the resolute, round shape is edge to replace, and the body outline of not using a variety of lines, in addition to a slightly rising waistline, all the rest are straight lines, mean design style is still the traits, just sports version of the model in detail with “ active atmosphere of ”.

The new Camry interior with the layout of new material and technical standards, and shall be roughly the same, mahogany trim darker version of the ordinary, and sports version of the silver, also let the normally staid Camry more than one option, but the first moving element is introduced, and some room for improvement.

Attach the Teana and the maintenance cost comparison

The second camp of two C class car

Many netizens car experience, the Ashkenazi three often with the brand popularity and years of accumulation market advantage, short-listed the alternative list. Inertial thinking so too faint to this segment of the market is divided into two camps, and with the new year in addition to the second camp some brand, has increased the new models itself is not inferior to the first camp, such as the three models below.

Cadillac XTS

As the new flagship global, Cadillac XTS appearance is still the family characteristics of a typical, but did not completely copy the existing “ diamond cutting ”, but an evolution based on XTS: Cadillac to diversification as the design purpose, and strive to complete the appearance of more three-dimensional sense, such as &ldquo &rdquo body; cutting; the waist line has been reserved, other details have also been some soft line.

The shield element Cadillac family is still the mark of XTS interior, interaction with the appearance of gentle transition, transition with smooth delicate mosaic, even the body often contact parts are soft material, the new global flagship model name remarkable.

Chrysler 300C

After Chrysler and Fiat Italy brand design masters to become partners, changed our thinking in the American style of design, Chrysler 300C is a typical representative: and the old funds stocky body, rough and heavy visual feeling somewhat convergent, be gentle angle and line replaced, not stunning is flat and.

The new Chrysler 300C interior complete subversion of the old, improve technology level, make the interior is no longer optional blocks, decorative Nappa leather wrapped, solid wood, became the Chrysler 300C is a major bright spot, in fact, are absolute can be ranked in the forefront of the same type.

Body proportion of “ the mainstream and non-mainstream ”

Large car fractionize market now, extended from the trend has become mainstream, body length and wheelbase also reached a similar proportion. In this paper, three models: the Chrysler 300C is most models, while the Cadillac XTS car tail is too long, the proportion of less coordinated set, even the netizen attributed it to the Buick LaCrosse and with the result of the platform. Only the body parameters of three cars are being together, and we can't see the clue, see below.

Comfort and power are the best two city SUV

Changan Ford Maverick is not listed, it is known as the “ the Tiguan terminator ” name, both also with comfort and dynamic performance advantage, has been long in the attention of the top of the heap, the Tiguan stand stable, maverick of avant-garde fashion, the two one is the best choice, but also rival.

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Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan just in the Tri-City Auto Show debut launch a small change models, bid farewell to the familiar old faces “ ” chrome front grille, new Tiguan area larger, and joined the LED daytime running lights, new style headlamps, appearance change, brings a strong visual impact.

The new Tiguan interior part only of some of the details to make the adjustment, the high-allocation model introduced Dynaudio audio system, as well as the allocation models can be some configuration factory optional high, the competitiveness of products make the Tiguan improved.

Changan Ford Maverick

Maverick vehicle from Ford Europe Design Center, so in the design style has obvious European style, simple lines and compact, the whole visual effect than the actual size is small, so that the first time met, a lot of people will be used and the Tiguan compared, Ling Li line with the body, also won the more young consumers as the maverick.

The interior layout: avant-garde, to create a rich sense of science and technology of the atmosphere, as passengers often contact part of soft material as the representative, and from the new Fawkes began, promotes the Changan Ford industry obviously, let maverick interior is not inferior to any competitor.

Both the city and the country's two SUV

Toyota LC series models in Tibet area of outstanding ability to adapt, to win a good reputation for Prado, the introduction of FAW Toyota and import common sales, in the sale of Prado in the comfort they made a great adjustment. Just listed near the Grand Cherokee modified models, retain the original cross-country performance, according to the passenger ride comfort adjustment, and the introduction of 8 speed gearbox, the city's comprehensive ability has a significant upgrade.

Toyota Prado

The outline of the vehicle since Prado atmosphere has been inherited, the appearance of simple lines and smooth rounded corners, adhere to the tough rugged design theme, interpret it well once the Chinese name &ldquo ” overbearing;. While the exterior design is the biggest beneficiaries, with good vision of the driver.

Prado trim as well as shape concise air, straight lines without any fancy, but the layout situation in use for many years has not had the big change, and the console is still covered with hard plastic material, which is also some net friends often mentioned aspects.

JEPP Grand Cherokee

To reduce the size of the 7 hole front grille, novel style headlamps, jeep in front of the details of the changes make tough temperament somewhat convergent, which is also the starting point of views diverge. Well this disappears other under long, wide front bumper to the jeep in the momentum and inferior.

The new Grand Cherokee interior by a had work for Mercedes 10 years Americans presided over the design, with the similar American style, centre console cover exquisite cortex, fine stitches, wood decoration strip finishing, A suede wrapped column and top with high-grade, more like a German the car's interior.

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