[models PK] independent brand of domestic compact car market competition has been very intense, as long as you want to get the independent brand at this level will have the appropriate product. Thai people in the face of the Great Wall, BYD, Chery and Geely brand in the compact class also belongs to a young opponent, want to stop their products without hard work is certainly not, Zotye Z300 was born in such case models, it is also the Thai's first foray into compact level.

Several contacts Zotye Z300 after before, the evaluation of it is our editors are high, consumers spend 70000 yuan to buy his hand top distribution models, the same price, the the Great Wall C30 is a worthy opponent, we put them in the together today.

Comparison vehicle vehicle manufacturers guide price is currently on the market offer the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual Elite Edition 73500 yuan 5000 yuan Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type 72000 yuan no note: the local preferential different, and ultimately to the dealer quote

● appearance

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型In the design, the Thai people from the Toyota ALLION is undeniable, but if the single from the car itself style, Zotye Z300 to attract more people, the Great Wall and the C30 is some common. On the whole, the two cars are mature, as the successor of the Thai public Z300 in design more fashion is expected.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型In the two car design style is very close, use double chrome-plating decoration strip, but in the light of style, Zotye Z300 appears to be more fashionable, but Zotye Z300 line comes standard with a lens structure, at this point the the Great Wall C30 to step in Zhongtai Z300.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Zotye Z300 the Great Wall C30 body size length width (mm) of 45654452 (mm) 17661705 (mm) 14861480 (mm) 27002610 wheelbase

In the body size, Zotye Z300 almost than the the Great Wall C30 in a circle, in the vision that performance with very obvious, especially on the width, plus the Zotye Z300 lamp is more slender, so feel to it than the the Great Wall C30 wide a lot.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Two vehicles are used the 15 inch alloy wheels, but Zotye Z300 tires more width. The hub of the style characteristics of each tire, are also using the independent brand, in order to control costs, this performance is understandable.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型The rear styling, the two car difference is more apparent, Zotye Z300 performance in many of the details of the more luxurious atmosphere, the Great Wall and the C30 is some common. Lights on the two cars have a certain gap, width lamp Zotye Z300 using LED light source, the Great Wall and the C30 are all used ordinary halogen lamp, if the former is able to brake lamp also changed to better LED light source.

● interior

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Each has its own merits. Interior design style of the two car, from design has been difficult to assess who who, however, in the material, the difference between them is very large. Zotye Z300 used compared with a soft material, say this because in many soft material in the console, its performance is hard, but compared with the the Great Wall C30, many feel is better.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型As the top model with manual transmission, the multi-function steering wheel equipped with leather wrap for the independent brand is still very normal, steering wheel, two cars have provided a good feel, the size of which belong to superior performance at this level. In use, the multifunction key Zotye Z300 greater than the multiple function keys, use C30 to a more natural the Great Wall.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Skylight performance can be very easy to tell who is better performance by size, Zotye Z300 skylights are beyond the the Great Wall C30 in width and length. Fortunately, the two models of the skylight utilization rate is quite good, the lighting area and the open area of the same, and did not appear the skylight glass roof phenomenon not all income.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Four door window Zotye Z300 with key functions, and the the Great Wall C30 only the main driving is the key, no one under the other window function. In the function of the configuration on the Thai Z300 performance is to be more honest some.

● space travel

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型"Space of experience type is comfortable, not equipped with a sunroof.

In space travel, Zotye Z300 with a longer wheelbase to passengers in the car to bring more spacious feel, and the back of the head space performance is stronger than the the Great Wall C30. The front-row forehead space two cars are the same, but we experience the the Great Wall C30 is not equipped with a sunroof, if equipped with a sunroof, head space would not so spacious, so in a spatial contrast link, take the Zotye Z300 feeling is better than that of the the Great Wall C30.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Two cars at the center of the rear floor is very smooth, and the distance is very spacious, but in the middle of the Great Wall C30 the back of the head space is too small, has affected the rear passengers sitting, in contrast or Zotye Z300 feel more comfortable.

● storage space

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Storage space in the car, Zotye Z300 front outstanding performance, the back there is no storage space. If you look at the front row, Zotye Z300 storage space, and the glove box and damping, internal display very good. The Great Wall C30 thefront door storage cell, there is no cup holder. The storage performance of the back is also good, but the central armrest cup holder on the bottle supporting performance is not good, but it's better than nothing.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Zotye Z300 and the Great Wall C30 trunk showed little difference in regularity, but the former trunk interior height is low, so the size of the storage space than the Great Wall C30. The rear seat backrest can be scaled down, in the expansion of the performance is good.

● configuration comparison

Very close to the two car prices, only a difference of 1500 yuan, below we have a look at these two very competitive models in the configuration performance.

Configuration Zotye Z3001.5L manual distinguished type of the Great Wall C301.5L manual elite manufacturers guide price is 72000 yuan 73500 yuan front side airbags and air curtain ● ● - head - heated front seats and the rear central armrest. Multimedia system (GPS/DVD/ reverse image) ● - daytime driving lights - the rearview mirror electric folding.

The configuration, passive security configuration Zotye Z300 more comprehensive multimedia system, navigation and reverse image contains brings more convenience to our daily life, while the Great Wall have more comfort configuration, especially the seat heating, practicality in winter is very high. In the disposition aspect of the performance of their two exhibit different orientation, from a practical point of view, or the security configuration of the higher number of Zotye Z300 more attractive.

● power system

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型Engine Zotye Z300 the Great Wall C30 engine type 4A91SGW4G15 emission (mL) maximum horsepower of 14991497 (Ps) 113106 (kW) 8378 maximum power maximum power speed (RPM) of 60006000 maximum torque (N · m) 141138 the maximum torque speed (RPM) 40004200 gearbox with 5 speed manual and 5 speed manual

The power aspect, two vehicles with engine capacity is 1.5L, Zotye Z300 adopted from Mitsubishi 4A91S engine, see the numerical aspects of the slightly higher than the the Great Wall C30 GW4G15 engine from the parameter.

In the actual performance of the two cars, and unlike the parameters shown, in our 0-100km/h acceleration test, but is less dynamic than the the Great Wall C30, thanks to the the Great Wall C30 lighter in weight, and the brake performance is Zotye Z300 better performance. Of course, the gap between them is not so big, to accelerate the achievement was within 0.5 seconds, the brake performance difference of 0.5 meters, can be said to be roughly the same overall performance. The two vehicles in the braking performance on the performance at the same level of many independent brand models are good, although there is a certain gap, but they are worthy of recognition.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型In the actual driving two cars performed very well, the suspension also use before Mcpherson rear torsion beam structure, the road to bump absorption is good, roll when cornering the whole body also is not. At high speeds, the noise performance of the two cars feel more or less the same, travel within 100km/h, in normal conversation is basically no problem.

长城长城汽车长城C302013款 1.5L 手动精英型On the pavement, two model of vehicle's performance is very close to, the larger difference between the steering wheel strength, steering Zotye Z300 partial sinking, at low speeds, easy fatigue, and turn to the the Great Wall C30 is more light some, for female drivers, I think it is more suitable for the the Great Wall C30.

众泰众泰汽车众泰Z3002012款 1.5L 手动尊贵型In everyday driving, power performance of the two cars can be basically satisfactory, for the home, dynamic performance is not strong, but the open air conditioning, with three or four people, also won't feel too meat. Two vehicles are manual transmission models, in contrast, gearbox Zotye Z300 gear to be clearer, but also with a certain sense of inhalation.

● summary:

After comparison, Zotye Z300 has surpassed the the Great Wall C30 in many places, in fact there is such a change and I think that is not a surprise, after all, the the Great Wall C30 has been listed for many years, let a new generation of players to fight the fight at the same level for many years old rivals, who are more natural advantages are obvious. Of course, the independent brand, this confrontation is very meaningful, also let oneself to rival PK to know their own advantages, and disadvantages of this is a contrast to the real meaning. In today's contrast, Zotye Z300 certainly won the PK tournament victory, but the the Great Wall C30 also considered in independent compact which is a very strong player, can only say that it is not lost in the ability but lost in time. However, many advantages are not unique to the Thai Z300, after all, consumers buy not short-lived business, also taking into account the maintenance and repair of the future, taking Beijing as an example, Zotye 4S store only one, and is able to provide repair and maintenance of local plus 4S store a total of two, the consumer in the future use has brought no small trouble, and the Great Wall in the market has been developed for many years, in Beijing this city has 7 4S stores, plus the present the Great Wall C30 discount rate of around three thousand or four thousand, that is to say we contrast the 1.5L manual Elite Edition price has sixty thousand yuan into the interval, so the price performance, the the Great Wall C30 is not better than the Thai Z300 difference too much, just from the car itself, Zotye Z300 did better. (text / chart Yuan Lu photography Zheng Yu)

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The basic parameter models pictures of the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type manufacturers guide price is 73500 72000 national best 4S prices manufacturers the Great Wall automobile Zotye Auto level compact car, compact car 1.5L engine with 106 horsepower L41.5L 113 horsepower L4 gearbox manual block 5 and 5 speed manual length * width * high (mm) 4452*1705*14804565*1766*1486 body structure 4 5 three 4 5 three door sedan car maximum speed (km/h) -172 official 0-100km/h acceleration (s) -12.9 0-100km/h (s) - measured acceleration measured 100-0km/h brake (m) -- measured fuel consumption (L/ 100km) - the Ministry of integrated fuel consumption (L/100km) 66.7 vehicle warranty for four years or 150000 kilometers in four years or 150000 km vehicle the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type length (mm) 44524565 (mm) 17051766 width height (mm) 14801486 (mm) wheelbase 26102700 front (mm) after the 14711532 track (mm) 14571530 min. ground clearance (mm) 155150 (kg) 11251275 vehicle kerb mass three car three car door number (a) 44 seats (a) 55 tank volume (L) -55 luggage compartment volume (L) engine 510457 the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type hair Motivation model GW4G154A91S emissions (mL) 14971499 (L) 1.51.5 emissions intake forms naturally aspirated naturally aspirated cylinder arrangement form of LL number of cylinders (a) 44 valve per cylinder number (a) 44 compression ratio, valve timing mechanism of DOHCDOHC diameter (mm) -75 stroke (mm) -84.8 maximum horsepower (Ps) maximum power (kW 106113 7883) maximum power speed (RPM) of 60006000 maximum torque (N · m) 138141 the maximum torque speed (RPM) 42004000 engine specific technology of VVTMIVEC variable valve timing system of gasoline fuel gasoline fuel No. 93 (Beijing No. 92, No. 93 (Beijing) No. 92) feed way multi-point EFI multi-point EFI engine cylinder aluminum aluminum cylinder block material of aluminum in environmental standards of IV (V Beijing) of IV gearbox the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type referred to as manual block 5 block 5, manual number 55 gear box type manual gearbox (MT) manual gearbox (MT) chassis steering the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type drive ff ff front suspension type Mcpherson independent suspension Mcpherson independent suspension with transverse stability rod rear suspension type longitudinal arm torsion beam composite suspension trailing arm type suspension power type mechanical liquid Pressure booster mechanical hydraulic booster vehicle structure bearing bearing wheel brake the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type front brake disc brake disc type ventilation ventilation after type disc disc parking brake type brake hand brake front tire specifications for 185/65 R15195/65 R15 185/65 R15 195/65 tire specifications R15 tire specifications size of full size safety equipment the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type master / deputy driver's seat airbag main ● / * main ● / side / front / rear side airbags and front - / - front / rear head airbags (air curtain) - before / after. ● knee airbags, tire pressure monitoring device -- zero pressure continued to travel -- the safety belt is not prompt ● ● child seat interface ISOFIXISOFIX engine electronic anti-theft lock ● ● ● ● car remote control key ● ● keyless start system, keyless entry system, control allocation the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type ABS anti-lock braking force distribution of ● ● (EBD/CBC) ● ● brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA) - traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC), vehicle stability control ( ESC/ESP/DSC) - automatic parking / upslope auxiliary, steep slope slowly descending -- variable suspension, air suspension, variable ratio steering, front axle limited slip differential / differential lock - central differential lock - rear limited-slip differential / differential lock - external configuration of the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type electric sunroof ● ● panoramic sunroof - sport appearance package - aluminum alloy wheel hub ● ● electric suction door -- the internal configuration of the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type leather steering wheel ● ● steering wheel adjustment of regulation on the adjustment wheel electric control -- ● ● function steering wheel steering wheel shift - steering wheel heating: cruise control, front / rear parking radar before / after / before / after - the reverse video - the driving computer screen ● ● HUD figures show the rise - seat configuration the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type leather / Suede seats ● ● sports style seats, seat height adjustment, the adjustment of the lumbar support - shoulder support adjustment -- master / deputy driver's seat electric regulating - second rows of backrest angle adjustment -- second seat move -- after Seat electric regulating -- electric seat memory, front / rear seat heating before ● / - front / rear seat ventilation - front / rear seat massage - rear seats recline mode proportion ratio down third rows of seats, front / rear central armrest before / after / before ● ● ● - rear cup holder ● ● electric the trunk - multimedia configuration the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type GPS navigation positioning system. Interactive services - console color large screen - the human-computer interaction system -- internal hard disk, Bluetooth / telephone, mobile TV, rear LCD screen, an external sound source interface (AUX/USB/iPod ● ● etc.) CD support MP3/WMA multimedia system, single disc CD single disc DVD speaker number 6-7 speaker 6-7 horn lighting configuration the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished Type Xenon --LED headlamps, daytime running lamps, - Automatic headlights - steering headlights (auxiliary lamp) - the front fog lamp ● ● headlight height adjustable headlight cleaning system - > Add interior atmosphere lamp, rearview mirror glass / the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type front / rear window ● ● before / after the electric vehicle ● / after the window anti-pinch function: UV / heat insulation glass -- the rearview mirror electric regulating ● ● rearview mirror heating: internal / external rearview mirror automatic anti-glare rearview mirror electric folding: ● - mirror memory -- after the windshield shade - rear side curtain - rear side privacy glass - visor vanity mirrors ● ● rear wiper - sensing wipers - air conditioning / fridge the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type air conditioning control mode of automatic ● automatic ● rear independent air conditioning -- a rear air outlet temperature control - - partition car air conditioning / pollen filter - car refrigerator - high profile the Great Wall C30 2013 1.5L manual elite Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type automatic parking place - engine start-stop technology - auxiliary - lane departure warning system - active brake / active safety system -- integral active steering system, night vision system - control LCD screen display -- Adaptive Cruise - a panoramic camera --

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