[type PK] in the joint venture brand product line under a constant pressure at the same time, we also see the independent brand constantly enhance the market competitiveness, including the mid-size car market has become a hotly contested spot of manufacturers. From the Early Imperial EC8, Chuan Qi GA5, Pentium B90 to the recent launch of the source, Rui Cheng and Saab, independent brands have collective outbreak replay. "To enjoy happiness, must experience the pain of the revolution." If this sentence set in the auto market, with the mature joint models, autonomous vehicle is undoubtedly at transformation stage, let a person glad is, we see the major manufacturers have shown great enthusiasm to R & D and production, the contrast source and Rui Cheng is very sincere two works.

As their own brand products, source and Rui Cheng will be listed in April this year, has attracted much attention of everyone. Although all new recruits, but they have strength in independent camp absolutely count as one of the very best. Not surprisingly, people Guangzhou Hengda two years ago was promoted, now the AFC Champions League favourites, see whether the ken of large investment, automotive products is the truth. Today, we have put the two models together PK, found an interesting phenomenon, for what? Continue to look down.

◆ appearance contrast:

Autonomous vehicle in recent years in the design progress is not small, basically get rid of the traces of imitation, or reference is not too obvious, so that the purchaser was not so difficult. Two models are similar, so the overall design style very business atmosphere. But the appearance evaluation this link, one thousand readers will have one thousand Hamlet, I wish my aesthetic don't walk. Below I for everyone to the two car body size and shape are introduced.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型BYD source and Changan Rui Cheng body size contrast model Rui Rui Cheng Long (mm) 48704900 wide (mm) 18301860 (mm) 14601500 (mm) 27552810 wheelbase

The body size, the table can see Rui Cheng in the data overall dominant, length and width and height are more than 30mm, 30mm source and 40mm, the wheelbase is 55mm, it can be transformed into a space advantage, we will be announced in the next link. In fact, the two models of the measurements are big in the same rank vehicle type, but the source now encountered a greater than his opponent.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型Source and Rui Cheng seems to possess a typical mid-size car model, atmospheric tone, and then a little difference for style, not too many unique design. The overall style more youthful source, Rui Cheng showed a flat and stable. In addition, the sheet metal process level two models are good, independent models in recent years, the progress is quite obvious, make a person gratified.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型From my personal point of view, the body design two models did not deserve the criticism of the place, regardless of form or sheet metal process have shown a mid-size car should have. Rui Cheng looks more calm, more fashion source. Tyre choice, the source line is 17 inch, Rui Cheng low allocation models is 16 inches. In addition, two models of the spare wheel is 16 inch, comprehensive comparison, to be more honest some source.

◆ powertrain contrast:

The current source is only 1.5T turbocharged engine for you choose, the maximum power of 154 horsepower (113 kW) /5200rpm, maximum torque to 240 nm /1750-3500rpm. With the engine matching is 6 block manual or 6 speed dual clutch gearbox. From the types of products, source of seven models in section three of the manual, Rui Cheng more than three.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型Rui Cheng 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and 1.8T turbocharged engine two power options, the matching is manual block 6 or 6 block manual gearbox, the space may be slightly bigger than the source. In addition, Rui Cheng is the case only the lowest with manual transmission, the other 6 are automatic. The table can be seen, the main difference between the two models of suspension in the front suspension source for double wishbone, Rui Cheng Mcpherson. The first part introduces the engine behind us here, according to the comparison vehicle specific detailed analysis.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型Two models of the console looks more concise air, source toward home, Rui Cheng business atmosphere more strong, the whole are very beautiful, this is very important. In materials and details, Rui Cheng clearly more carefully, the texture of vehicle adds a lot of soft material covered buttons and knobs, processing the same source and delicate. Source this link is the advantage of the steering wheel and the instrument panel is more dazzling function.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型Source line comes standard with an electric sunroof, and Rui Cheng in addition to the minimum with outside, the rest of the six models is also equipped with a sunroof. From the lighting source area, about 0.24 square meters, Rui Cheng is about 0.21 square meters, a difference of 0.03 square meters, the source has a slight advantage, a broader vision.

◆ by spatial contrast:

In fact, for this rank vehicle type, the space is not a big problem, just have a look who's more. Through the first page introduction, we already know Rui Cheng long wheelbase than 55mm source, it can be transformed into a space on the edge? We immediately.

长安长安汽车睿骋2013款 1.8T 自动旗舰型"Two car ride in the front row space experience."

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型The two models of the rear passenger space experience. "

From our actual experience, the front-row forehead space performance of two models are not ideal, only two refers to the space. The back of the head space not comparable, a boxing space, within the acceptable range. The leg space is quite abundant, can be tilted his legs, although they are a top, but with a longer wheelbase of Rui Cheng allows extension position is more comfortable.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型Two models are equipped with a rear central head, can alleviate fatigue caused by long time sense, by contrast, headrest Rui Cheng more thick. In addition, the rear floor heave source is obvious, the middle passenger rides will obviously be discounted. Rui Cheng flat floor is enough space for passengers, sitting not feel bad, guaranteed comfort.

◆ storage space contrast:

In the number of compartments, the difference between the two models is not big, Rui Cheng than source more rear central cup holder, source here for integration of multiple function keys, this choice no ground for blame. The main gap between the two sides in detail, this source is evidently be negligent, compartment door plate is quite small, even a bottle can not put down. In addition, through with the location of the storage capacity of contrast, Chu Wuge Rui Cheng both depth and width are slightly better than the source, very careful.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TID 自动尊贵型From the trunk to the official capacity, source of 410L, less 95L than Rui Cheng 505L, the gap is not small. According to our survey, there are more obvious advantages Rui Cheng height and depth, roughness is better. Of note, the rear seats recline two models are not considered, based on location, can understand the practice of manufacturers. In addition, they are provided with second rows of fetching port, source of some of the larger, convenient fetching articles.

◆ specific models comparison:

Source and Rui Cheng has 7 models, including source total luxury, distinguished, enjoy and flagship four configuration. The first three configurations are respectively the manual and automatic optional (in addition to the gearbox, the differences in configuration are automatic more cruise, price of 9000 yuan), while the flagship model only then automatic. In contrast, between Rui Cheng of 7 models of configuration is different, and the manual transmission models only a. Therefore, in contrast to link configuration, we will be mainly to the source as the foundation, then find compared with source models price close to the models in Rui Cheng car line.

In addition, the need to pay attention to is, as a result of the two models are just listed soon, most of the city is no preferential market. Therefore, the contrast with the manufacturers guide price as the standard, terminal market prices will no longer form listed out.

● source 1.5TI manual distinguished type contrast Rui Cheng 2.0L manual comfortable type

This round of the contest is happened, Rui Cheng only a manual transmission, and it costs the most close to the source 1.5TI manual distinguished type for manual transmission. As the low allocation models respectively, the two models are matched with a six speed manual gearbox, the price is only 100 yuan. The table can be seen, dynamic parameters were the outcome of each other, the maximum power Rui Cheng 2.0L manual comfortable than Serie 1.5TI manual distinguished type 4 more horsepower. Relatively speaking, the torque advantage source 1.5TI manual distinguished type more.

The source 1.5TI luxury manual is equipped with a key start, vehicle stability control and vision system.

Believe that the allocation between two car stick out a mile of it, if you are a configuration control, there is no doubt that the source 1.5TI manual distinguished type is the best choice. The security configuration, comfort configuration or convenience configuration overall lead Rui Cheng 2.0L manual comfortable type. The advantage of configuration less Rui Cheng 2.0L manual comfortable-type poor, only the window anti-pinch function, rear cup holder. More surprisingly, in addition to the main advantages of the above list configuration, source 1.5TI manual distinguished type and rear independent air conditioning, temperature zoning control function, which is also Rui Cheng 2.0L manual comfortable type does not have.

● source 1.5TID automatic luxury contrast Rui Cheng 2.0L automatic luxury

Because of these two models with the engine and the upper leg, so here is not above the table again listed out. The difference between them lies in the gearbox, source of 1.5TID automatic luxury matching is the 6 retaining the dual clutch, it has been applied in BYD G6, we believe that it will not be strange. Rui Cheng matching is 6 block manual gearbox.

"The rearview mirror electric folding and front side airbags is Rui Cheng 2.0L automatic luxury advantage configuration.

You can see the configuration difference between these two models is not like the round so big, Rui Cheng 2.0L automatic luxury equipped with front side airbags, front / rear head curtain airbags, security configuration has the advantage of. And a key start, cruise control, vehicle stability control system, reverse video, mobile TV and GPS navigation system and a series of science and technology configuration, believe that will let many people on the source 1.5TID automatic luxury defenseless. In addition, Rui Cheng 2.0L automatic luxury expensive 12900, comparing, source of 1.5TID automatic luxury price is higher.

● source 1.5TID automatically distinguished type contrast Rui Cheng 1.8T automatic elite

BYD source and Changan Rui Cheng power comparison vehicle source 1.5TID automatically distinguished type Rui Cheng 1.8T automatic elite official price of 120900 129800 ---+0.89 million price maximum horsepower (Ps) maximum power of 154177 (kW) 113130 maximum power speed (RPM) of 52005500 maximum torque (N m) 240230 (RPM) 1750-35001700-5000, maximum torque speed gearbox 6 the 6 retaining tiptronic dual clutch

"The source with 1.5T turbocharged engine Rui Cheng carrying the 1.8T turbocharged engine.

Two models coincide with the turbocharged engine, Rui Cheng 1.8T large discharge. Dynamic parameters from the listed above, the maximum power Rui Cheng 1.8T automatic elite more than 23 horsepower, maximum torque to narrow the gap between the 10N and m only. In addition, because the power system parameter comparison vehicle following with all and on the table, so it is no longer alone forms.

Two models of the comfort and convenience of the gap and the configuration above is similar, only the source 1.5TID automatically distinguished type to recapture the security configuration advantages, including the front side airbags and front / rear head curtain airbags. Price, Rui Cheng 1.8T automatic elite than Serie 1.5TID automatic distinguished type expensive 8900. From the configuration point of view, source of the low allocation models is Rui Cheng similar to the price models have the great advantage of. Then, the comparison high-allocation model will change, please continue to read.

● source 1.5TID automatic enjoy comparative Rui Cheng 1.8T automatically distinguished type

"Automatic enjoy comfort electric seat memory and seat ventilation / heating increases the source 1.5TID.

Significant changes in the two models are source 1.5TID automatic enjoy a comprehensive upgrade of the seat, co-pilot seat electric adjustment, front / rear seat heating, electric seat memory, front seat ventilation significantly improved passenger comfort. In addition, we can see the Rui Cheng automatically from the 1.8T distinguished type was equipped with GPS navigation system, the configuration difference and source 1.5TID automatic enjoy still more obvious.

● source 1.5TID automatic flagship contrast Rui Cheng 1.8T automatic flagship

This is between two flagship model contest, different is, source 1.5TID automatic flagship is the top source, this is the source configuration show most incisive models. On Rui Cheng 1.8T automatic flagship has two more high-end models, their price natural high.

Although Rui Cheng 1.8T automatic flagship than Serie 1.5TID automatic flagship expensive 18900, configurable weakness is still quite obvious, this round is much after the windshield sun shade. Source 1.5TID automatic flagship increased knee airbags, rear view mirror memory, steering headlights, interior atmosphere lamp functions and configuration, to further expand its advantage.

Summary: in fact, contrast configuration by comparing models price above, source than most Rui Cheng low. The source 1.5TID automatic flagship type as an example, it even with Rui Cheng 1.8T automatically distinguished type, the price is expensive 1100 yuan, but the extra configuration is also a lot of. But through this round of "unfair" competition, we believe that more deeply felt how powerful source configuration.

◆ summary:

As a two rookie independent mid-sized car camp, source and Rui Cheng have comprehensive quality is very high. Master showdown between offense and defense conversion, all at once, instead of defending their fists, but recruit source point to each other hard, let the opponent's fist is not playing out, this success.

比亚迪比亚迪思锐2013款 1.5TI 手动尊贵型Design and sheet metal process source and Rui Cheng are worthy of recognition, of course, the overall shape of source more young fashion, Rui Cheng relative steady. From the model configuration comparison above, Rui Cheng with the source is not of a magnitude opponent, source advantage to no friends. Throughout the mid-size car market, have no models to its left and right. If you are a configuration control, that is what all don't don't think, source.

The Rui Cheng is it right? There is no attractive? No, it seems not to follow the opponent to fight configuration. In fact it's configuration is not bad, can only say that the source is too. Rui Cheng in the details of more Kung Fu, the centre console used, the steering wheel, a space, storage space (trunk) and dynamic choice than the source has certain advantages. So say, it seems that in addition to outside source configuration, the other is inferior to Ruicheng. Therefore, the configuration details right left. (text / chart Chen Haiyong)

This is not the end, there are comparative models more detailed configuration parameters, interested friends can continue to view click on next page. Seen after contrast, you is it right? For they also generated more interest, with the intention of the car, can click back (Sirui click here, Rui Cheng click here), after which there will be 4S shop staff contact you in time, if the preferential information you want to know more about 4S shop, source please click here for Rui Cheng, please click here.

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