Objective: belonging to the German Volkswagen brand Skoda in April this year in the Chinese market launch of a new type — — Skoda Xin Rui Rapid, it both at home and abroad are popular brand of two Ashkenazi compact level passenger vehicle new Santana “ ”, “ the new Jetta ” was adopted. The PQ25 platform to build, it is the domestic compact car market in Germany is the three brothers. And for consumers, the most concern of course is how the three brothers choose a most suitable for their own models. And so without further ado, here you go into this paper, to Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta which Germany is the three brothers argue debate.

The Xin Rui, Santana, Jetta with stems from the popular PQ25 platform, so the three vehicles in the power system and the interior configuration of the difference is not large, the most intuitive different course or first appeared in the outward appearance design. Xin Rui appearance with a new design of the Skoda brand, is ever car more young fashion; and Santana and Jetta follows the popular family of appearance, relatively more stable and deep.

From the first three cars in front of the appearance, Xin Rui's face to the Skoda brand new clover abstract modeling, by sharp lines show the young fashion sense, especially straight waterfall type chrome grille wing shape very recognizable, significantly more personalized and Santana and Jetta is strict; the family of Facebook design popular, relatively more calm and low-key.

Skoda Xin Rui in appearance due to the many new design elements, so more recognition is compared with the other two popular family brother models, can do an eye to recognize.

From the side view of modeling, the three models of the difference is not too much, especially the side other Xin Rui and Santana were basically similar, it main difference between the two and Jetta can be found from the headlights, taillights and waist position. For example, Xin Rui and Santana waistline are higher than the door handle, and Jetta waistline is just from the door handle position is perforative and over.

In addition, the Xin Rui and Santana, Jetta is from the popular PQ25 platform products, so in the body size of three cars remained the same, the difference is very small. For example, body length, Xin Rui 4501mm, Santana, Jetta 4473mm 4487mm; body height, Xin Rui and Santana were 1469mm, Jetta 1470mm; while in the car width and wheelbase three car completely consistent, respectively 1706mm and 2603mm. This also can see, three car interior passenger space should be basically the same, there are essential differences will not.

Tail of the model, the difference of the three vehicles it is obvious, from the taillights style can distinguish the three elements, features clear is the most consumers want to see.

In interior design, Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta the three brothers of the overall style is not very different, for example using the interior color scheme of shallow depth of. But the design in the important parts of steering wheel and so on also shows some differences, such as Xin Rui of the steering wheel with four spokes style, and Santana and Jetta steering wheel is used by three radial style.

The Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta these three models from the popular PQ25 platform, and is a product of the modular design, so there are a lot of places are exactly the same or similar in interior design, as it came from the same mould in a sample.

Of course, there are the same, there are not the same, although look consistent on the whole, but if carefully Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta three cars, can still find some subtle difference between them.

The seat, Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta this three car seat from the style, material or comfort degree evaluation, have no obvious difference, product positioning three car family car, the seat of the performance of basic satisfying.

The Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta in the interior space, seat and the higher consistency, so the storage space inside the vehicle description we will mainly to Skoda Xin Rui to explain objects and examples, see the storage space that Germany is the three brothers car how geometry.

In addition to the storage space inside the vehicle, Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta luggage compartment interior design are completely consistent, the volume is 466L; but with the rear seats recline or not, to further expand the luggage storage space obstacles.

In the power unit, Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta three German brothers all equipped with aluminum alloy cylinder block lightweight Volkswagen EA211 series engine, and also provides 1.4L and 1.6L two different displacement selection. The 1.6L engine we high-allocation model used as an example, the peak power of 81kW, peak torque of 155Nm; and with the engine in the Jetta models due to adjust different, peak torque is 160Nm.

The transmission system, Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta are matched with 5 speed manual gearbox and 6 speed automatic gearbox. The manual transmission models matching is a popular “ MQ200” 5MT manual transmission, automatic transmission models matching is letter “ 09G” 6AT automatic transmission.

The disposition aspect, Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta and no consistent high like the interior and spatial seat that, some of the equipment seems to be deliberately to the difference of marketing to meet the different needs of different consumers. But for the potential purchase a car users, in fact, each person's own heart has steelyard, economical have according to their own actual demand for cars to judge, for example as follows.

In addition, a headlight height adjustable, ISO FIX child seat interface functions are standard in Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta these three models.

Summary: Although Xin Rui, Santana and Jetta and known as the compact car in “ three German brothers ”, with interior design, highly consistent spatial environment, function configuration and power assembly and so on, but the Skoda Xin Rui with brand-new appearance design has more than two other popular brands of the brothers models the young fashion on the road the first step. After all, from product positioning speaking, Xin Rui tend to cater to the tastes of young people, and Santana and Jetta prefer to cater to the middle-aged people, including a broader target groups. As for which a selection of German in the final car buying decisions of the three brothers, I believe that consumers in the light of local conditions and after some over in one's mind would naturally have the right answer it.

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