[] with new graphic nouchi 7 SUV is gradually accepted by the vast number of consumers, from the island of Taiwan automobile brand left "200000 car to impress, 700000 configuration", the main price also has been highly promotional highlights. Recently, Nouchi and new action, they will be in the mainland market to launch a new car -- Na Zhijie 5 Sedan, carrying the 2.0T turbocharged engine and a lot of people see things in a blur configuration, I believe that those configuration control, the temptation will not small.

Editor comments:

This time we see this Na Zhijie 5 Sedan 2.0T models is still a try loading, so the details still to see many imperfect places. But in addition to that, this model still has a good appearance, rich configuration, performance car beyond the same level of seat comfort and space. Obviously, in the market positioning, Na Zhijie 5 Sedan will rival lock for the same level of joint venture vehicle. But on the other hand, the Na Zhijie 5 Sedan with 1.8T and 2.0T two engine is in front of the big 7 on the SUV 2.2T engine to improve fuel consumption performance, whether it will continue in 7 SUV is not ideal, this is also the focus of the future we will study. Then of course is the most important factor of price, for such a have the advantage of modeling, configuration and space vehicles, if can have a reasonable price and configuration distribution, so for consumers, for it is only a matter of time. (text / figure Huang Zhengqiao perturbation / Shen Cheng)

Dealer Name: Chengdu Na Zhi Jie Kai Yang car life Museum dealer address: Chengdu Jinjiang District South Sanhuan outside of Sanshengxiang automobile industrial park by the emperor Building Road No. 297 distributors Tel: 400-868-6781

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