[models PK] compact SUV play a decisive role in the whole SUV market, and Maverick and the forest people is this group of top players, many of my friends will linger in the two, be at a loss what to do. Today we just had the pleasure of Maverick and forest the top distribution models to the scene, the next is a game of the real thing.

Model: 2.0L GTDi 4WD distinguished Forester 2.0T automatically distinguished navigation edition guidance price of 275800 334800 discount rate is generally fare 2-3 million parts of small concessions types of domestic and imported vehicle warranty for three years or 100000 kilometers in three years or 100000 kilometers

Read the price, I believe many people will ask: "top price: top and forest the difference of nearly 60000, comparable?" We believe that, although the guide price is different, but considering all two using 2.0T turbocharged engine, the power level is more close to. And the Maverick and widespread dealers increase behavior, so the real difference between the two will be further narrowed.

● shape design: maverick completely bias in the city, the forest people in motion based on SUV and retains the wild.

斯巴鲁斯巴鲁森林人2013款 2.0T 自动尊贵导航版Body size contrast

Maverick and forest people have little difference in body size, but because there are certain advantages in body length and height of the forest, and the forest people use more line design sense of muscle, so when two cars put together, the forest people will become stronger, more momentum.

Locating from the product point of view, Maverick and forest is a difference. Maverick is a typical European style, pay attention to the smooth line design highlights the sense of movement; and the 2.0T forest is a memory of the wild Sbaru, surrounded, fierce headlamps and a hub motor other radical, belongs to the typical Japanese performance model, give a person the feeling of blood. But the rear part, maverick look more plump, forest are somewhat monotonous. Eventually, if only to young people's aesthetic point of view, we agreed that the forester 2.0T shape more attractive.

How much a sentence, the tooth type forest map on the surrounding 2.0T models only, 2.5L automatically distinguished version and the version of the navigation only, while other configuration models becomes dull many. In addition, why not the forest people of xenon headlamps to install the lens? Neither safe nor good-looking, this cost is really not the province.

From the tire models and specifications, maverick tires slightly wider, better grip relative forest people, there will be some help for brake. We measured 100-0km/h braking distance, the forest people did not just as one wishes, on this point in the third pages of detailed description.

The two cars are used in a full size spare tire, T165/70 R17 Linglong tires: a black steel wheels, looks really with the standard tire contrast larger. The forest people Bridgestone a full size spare tire fly wing to wing tiger slightly wider, the specifications for the 185/65 R17, in all two cars are just about the same in this respect.

● the security configuration

From the table we can see, maverick in active security configuration is much higher than that of the forest, but we cannot blame the forest people in this area do not good enough, blame a maverick in the disposition aspect too in place, so that all the competitors the same rank than.

● interior design: a strong sense of maverick technology, the forest people more humane.

Get into the car, maverick show very strong sense and sense of science and technology, the overall style is fashion; design the forest people would be relatively simple and routine some, though the style than the classic good-looking, but the doctrine of the mean shape makes it lacks some personality elements. Two cars of the console surface with soft material covered, touch and vision are very good, reflects the price should be the standard model.

福特长安福特翼虎2013款 2.0L GTDi 四驱尊贵型

I once thought, other more maverick direction complex disc than the forest people grip more comfortable, but the actual experience is just the opposite. Leather steering first maverick plate suture as the forest people feels comfortable, holding a design also seems to be modeling and design, but not really for humane reasons. Secondly, two vehicles are used the multifunction steering wheel, and press a lot, but the key design: does not accord with human body engineering, especially the two groups of circular button above the basic in a cambered surface, not easy to operate; cruise control and Bluetooth keyboard fingers following some far distance. On the contrary, the forest people this seemingly neutral steering wheel will be used in more.

The dashboard style competition. I will decisively to maverick, not only other sports, clear display, and driving computer display than science and technology more forest people. In addition, the forest people the oil through the screen display, and no water temperature gauge.

Next we will move to the control panel, multimedia systems have many imported cars are entering in the country after the install, so it looks like some copycat, the forest people is no exception, although the number of system function, use is also very smoothly, but the screen resolution and touch are not satisfactory. In contrast, MyFord Touch and SYNC system: the sense of science and technology is too strong, not only support the touch and the knob two kinds of mode of operation, operation also supports voice.

Seat of the hard and soft and comfort, there are some differences between two cars. Maverick seat package is good, but inferior to the forest people soft. If the body is more fat people, the forest people seat can provide better comfort. In addition the forest people master the copilot position with electric control mode, and maverick vice driving a manual adjustment mode.

● space: the forest people slightly dominant

Maverick and forest in the riding space difference in performance is not much. For the height of 182cm editors, the front have a fist around the head space, then the head space two vehicles are less than a fist, quite satisfactory performance, the leg space is better forest people. The overall space maverick performance belongs to the low level at this level, mainly because of the complex of the console occupied a part of space travel, people feel depressed.

Maverick is used in true panoramic sunroof, size up to 970 * 630mm, almost covering the second row passengers head. While the forest skylight is not called panorama, but 710 x 690mm area is not too small. More importantly, the forest people roof can be almost completely open, open area of wing to wing tiger big many, the overall sense of vision.

The trunk space size contrast models: 2.0L GTDi 4WD distinguished Forester 2.0T automatically distinguished version of the navigation width (mm) 10201075 (mm) 800810 (mm) 840865 deep second seat down deep (mm) 10201875

The two car trunk is very structured, space is not much difference, for the average family is enough. And the two car tail door with electric switch, but the difference is, maverick trunk tail door also has a foot should type opening and closing method, more humane.

● power system: dynamic parameters are almost the same, acceleration performance not the same.

For any vehicle, dynamic systems is essential. The two models are equipped with power 2.0T turbocharged engine power, and the parameters are surprisingly close to. Maverick a maximum power of 242 horsepower, peak torque of 350 nm; the forest people a maximum power of 241 horsepower, peak torque is 350 nm.

In the face of almost the same engine, two cars who can have a more rapid acceleration performance? The key factor depends on the transmission. Maverick is the 6 speed manual gearbox, and the forest people used the CVT 8 speed gearbox simulation. From a structural point of view, CVT gearbox with no actual gear, so the shift will be more smooth, but it is not suitable for the main movement style vehicle, because the catalyst that lifting gear when the frustration feeling is also a kind of adrenergic stimulation, while the use of 6AT: in the acceleration of the sensory stimulation is indeed better than the forest people.

However, the measured 0-100km/h performance is still the forest by a wide margin, reason is that forest people in the period of accelerating the process of performance is more excellent, it can maintain long time will speed for maximum power speed 5600rpm, if the trust is not CVT gearbox in the initial stage of relatively gentle, its performance can also be faster. Of course, 8.53 seconds: at the same level is a good achievement, but it gives people the feeling of subjective acceleration is weaker than the forest people.

As for the braking performance, the forest people did not give us a satisfactory answer, 42.38 meters 100-0km/h braking performance and its acceleration performance of the formation of a strong contrast, Bridgestone tyre dynamic man only 225mm wide undoubtedly drag. And vice versa: performance is slightly better, 40.86 meters result in the middle level in the same level. In short, the two car still needs to be strengthened in the braking ability, especially the forest people.

● 4WD performance: the performance of a more comprehensive forest.

More wonderful video, the video channel

More wonderful video, the video channel

In off-road test project, the forest people have, it is by virtue of the larger angle of approach and powerful 4WD system very easily by the "steamed buns package" and the climbing frame two tests, and maverick due to close angle not regret failed to pass second tests. I believe that many people in fact already expected this result, because the number of tests both at home and abroad show that, the forest people on the road and cross-country performance at the same level is count as one of the very best.

● fuel consumption and maintenance

Because of the time, we very much regret that we are the future and will be two cars put together compared fuel consumption test, but according to the daily driving and cycling test our achievements, the forest people is significantly better than the maverick, if the forest is the fuel for the 10-11L/100km, then the preliminary estimate of the same conditions: fuel consumption is about 12-13L/100km, the CVT gearbox not.

About two cars daily maintenance, maintenance cycle is 5000km, maverick single and small maintenance costs 600 yuan, the forest people small maintenance costs between 500-600 yuan. But now even the same model, the maintenance cycle around the 4S shop and costs are not the same, so the above prices are for reference only, the specific circumstances need to consult your local dealer.

● summary:

The overall contrast, we find that to actually not difficult to make a choice in these two model of vehicles. Maverick completely tend to the city, its configuration in the same rank nobody can and, although less forest dynamic performance of 2.0T, but also can bring the driver strong push back a sense of. Most importantly, its price than the forest 2.0T lower, but increase it one thirty while also not ease, people are very depressed.

Compared with maverick, the forest people 2.0T no doubt is the winner of the game. Because no matter in the city or in the field, the forest people can dynamic performance with powerful and AWD system will be behind the opponent, this is a comprehensive quality very comprehensive models, shape, space, humanization design, dynamic, cross-country exhaustive. Of course, the forest also exists in a variety of small faults, such as the CVT gearbox that seemingly copycat multimedia system, insipid and 100-0km/h slightly poor braking performance etc.. If you can tolerate the above shortcomings, or abandon maverick, add some money to buy the forest people! (text / chart Zhang Ziyi)

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