[graphic] in the Lexus car family, compared with ES, LS and GS elder brother, IS only at the end of the last century was launched in Europe and the United States market is smaller. Nevertheless, it has been completed this year, the third generation. The new generation of IS complete global debut at the beginning of the Detroit auto show, then make a hurried journey without stop in Shanghai auto show officially listed in the domestic sales, believe that part of the people has been the movement breath it strong to seckill. As a new generation models, in addition to look with new clothes, humanized design, function, power and other "connotation" element is also a focus of our investigation of a new generation of IS.

◆ Lexus IS appearance

雷克萨斯雷克萨斯雷克萨斯IS2013款 250 尊贵版

雷克萨斯雷克萨斯雷克萨斯IS2013款 250 尊贵版◆ Lexus IS interior / dynamic introduction

雷克萨斯雷克萨斯雷克萨斯IS2013款 250 尊贵版◆ F SPORT version differences with other models

雷克萨斯雷克萨斯雷克萨斯IS2013款 250 F SPORT

The new generation of IS improvement is very obvious, from the vehicle price, although the threshold than the last generation of high of 30000 yuan, but the rear side airbags, tire pressure monitoring device, a steering wheel paddle shifters, xenon headlamps, electric sunroof and console color large screen configuration or the value that a price. After the comprehensive ability, Lexus IS will once again to the high-end car market challenge, to the pursuit of fashion sport friends, its appeal is not small. (text / chart Chen Haiyong)

This is not the end, the next page and part of the model parameter configuration. In addition, the new generation of IS car has been to the shop, would like to know the new car in your area to store information or booking, please click here; you can also click here for more information.

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