[new graphic] I usually like to full size SUV called the fat man, because they are often exaggerated, the size of a large body of slow, often encounter all sorts of embarrassing U-turn, such as blocking the road, or directly by parking the height limit was a lost soul. But AMG's engineers are absolutely will not let these embarrassments occur at the same time, since the body cannot change, then we can try to make this big fat more flexible. Therefore, the "fat" in the AMG family guy was born -- GL63 AMG, AMG chairman Ola Kallenius Mercedes in the words of GL63 AMG, is a balance between S63 AMG comfort, movement and G55 AMG off-road capability.

奔驰奔驰AMG奔驰GL级AMG2013款 GL63 AMGEditor comments:

GL63 AMG in the Chinese market is priced at 2148000 yuan, if the comprehensive product positioning and price between the two, it is almost no direct competitor, after all in full size SUV, can fully beyond GL63 AMG in many aspects of luxury, road performance and off-road ability of the product almost No. But if the line of sight down some, there exist such as Land Rover Range Rover 5 V8 products in the field of large SUV, although the road performance of May and AMG product gap, after all, a sense of luxury and off-road capability, the range rover is not fuel-efficient lights, "off-road vehicles in the Rolls-Royce" this name is not wave get the title, only the range rover two 5 V8 models price much higher than AMG and GL63, and does not provide 7 models. So we can do a summary, why choose GL63 AMG? 1 Mercedes-Benz loyal fans; 2 money really enough performance control; 3; 4 to 7 SUV. (text / chart / photo Huang bridge)

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The basic parameter models pictures the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG manufacturers guide price is 2148000 of national 4S lowest manufacturers Benz AMG level full size SUV engine 5.5T 558 horsepower V8 gearbox with 7 speed tiptronic length * width * height (mm) 5120*1934*1850 body structure of the 5 door 7 SUV maximum speed (km/h) 250 official 0-100km/h acceleration (s) the 4.9 measured 0-100km/h acceleration (s) - measured 100-0km/h brake (m) - measured fuel consumption (L/100km) - the Ministry of integrated fuel consumption (L/100km) 13 km vehicle warranty does not limit the body for three years, the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 (mm) 5120 AMG length width (mm) 1934 (mm) 1850 wheelbase (mm) 3075 (mm) 1665 front track after track (mm) 1675 minimum ground clearance (mm) - service quality (kg) - door body structure of SUV number (a) 5 seats (a) 7 tank volume (L) 100 luggage compartment volume (L) - Mercedes Benz GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG engine model capacity (mL) 5461 (L) emissions 5.5 intake form of double turbocharged cylinder arrangement form of V number of cylinders (a) 8 valve per cylinder number (a) 4 compression ratio 10 valve DOHC diameter (mm) and stroke (mm) - maximum horsepower (Ps) 558 the maximum power (kW) 410 maximum power speed (RPM) of 5250 maximum torque (N m) 760 (RPM) 2000-5000, maximum torque speed characteristic technology - fuel engine Form of gasoline fuel No. 97 (Beijing No. 95) supply mode of direct injection engine cylinder aluminum cylinder block material of aluminum environmental standards in Europe V gearbox with the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG 7 speed tiptronic gear number 7 gear box type automatic transmission (AT) chassis to the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG front - drive mode 4WD Quattro form AWD central differential structure multi-plate clutch front suspension type AIRMATIC active air suspension rear suspension type AIRMATIC active air suspension power type electric power car body structure bearing wheel brake the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG front brake type ventilated disc brake type ventilated disc brake type electronic in the front tyre specification 295/40 R21 tire specifications 295/40 R21 tire specifications than the full size of safety equipment, the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG master / deputy driver's seat airbag main ● / side / front / rear side airbags before ● / after the front / rear head airbags (air curtain) before ● / after the knee airbag. Tire pressure monitoring device, zero pressure continued to travel - the safety belt is not prompt the child seat interface LATCH (including ISOFIX) engine electronic anti-theft vehicle lock ● ● ● keyless remote control key Start the system, keyless entry system, control the configuration of the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMGABS anti-lock braking, braking force distribution (EBD/CBC), brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA) ● traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC), vehicle stability control (ESC/ESP/DSC), automatic parking / upslope auxiliary, steep slope slowly descending ● variable suspension ● air suspension, variable ratio steering - front LSD / differential lock - central differential lock function, rear limited-slip differential / differential lock ● external configuration the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG electric sunroof, panoramic sunroof ● sport appearance package, aluminum alloy wheel hub ● electric suction door the internal configuration of Mercedes-Benz GL AMG 2013 GL63 AMG leather steering wheel, steering wheel adjustment under the + before and after the adjustment wheel electric adjustment, the multi-function steering wheel, steering wheel shift the steering wheel heating - cruise control, front / rear parking radar before / after ● ● reverse video, driving computer display, HUD figures show the rise. Seat configuration the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG leather / leather seats, sports style seats, seat height adjustment, lumbar support adjustment ● shoulder support adjustment - Master / deputy driver's seat electric regulating main ● / Vice ● second rows of backrest angle adjustment, second rows of seats mobile - the rear seat electric regulating electric seat memory, front / rear seat heating before ● / after the front / rear seat ventilation before ● / post - front / rear seat massage before ● / post - rear seats recline scale down third rows of seats, front / rear the central armrest of ● ● / after back cup holder, power trunk ● multimedia configuration the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMGGPS navigation system, positioning interactive services - console color large screen, man-machine interactive system, built-in hard disk, Bluetooth / telephone / mobile TV, rear LCD screen, an external sound source interface (AUX/USB/iPod CD MP3/WMA, etc.) support for multimedia system disc DVD speaker count ≥ 8 horn lighting configuration the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG xenon headlamps, LED daytime driving lights, headlights - automatic headlight, steering headlights (auxiliary lamp), front fog lights and headlight height adjustable headlight cleaning device. ● interior atmosphere lamp. Glass / mirror the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG before / after electric car window ● / ● anti-pinch function of hand, UV / heat insulation glass, rearview mirror electric regulating the rearview mirror heating, inner / outer rear-view mirror Automatic anti-glare inner / outer ● ● rearview mirror electric folding ● mirror memory. After the windshield shade - rear side curtain - rear side privacy glass ● visor vanity mirrors, rear wiper, sensing windshield wipers. Air conditioning / fridge Benz GL AMG 2013 GL63 AMG air conditioning control mode of automatic ● ● back rear independent air conditioning the air outlet temperature control of the car, partition air conditioning / pollen filter, car refrigerator - high-tech configuration the Mercedes GL class AMG 2013 GL63 AMG automatic parking place, engine start-stop technology ● auxiliary - lane departure warning system, active braking / driving safety system - integral active steering system - night vision system, control LCD screen display - Adaptive Cruise - a panoramic camera.

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