[graphic] Opel car Meriva, this is a what kind of car? When receiving the shooting tasks, office in a lot of people instant petrified, mind to Opel, Holden, Waxman hall brand models are again seem to have no clue, can only rely on the powerful degrees Niang and Wikipedia is generally has a heart. The Opel Meriva exactly is a what kind of car? Here I sell you a Guan, just tell you it is a use of 5 compact MPV to open the door design, and the detailed, please see the article.

欧宝欧宝Meriva2011款 基本型

欧宝欧宝Meriva2011款 基本型Editor comments:

The Opel Meriva models with short contact about 1 hours or so, it is unique to the door left me a very good impression, and the passengers in the back row is too convenient, practicality and almost be roughly the same side sliding door. In addition, the car more than a square meters large glass roof is my love. Finally come to talk about the price and location, we obtained from the relevant information, Opel Meriva is expected before the end of this year officially entered China, advanced imported cars or on the 1.4T+6AT combination of power. I think if it's pricing can be controlled in 200000 yuan, with its personalized door design, panoramic sunroof and imported identity, perhaps really can capture many already marry and settle down, need MPV spacious and flexible space, but also to the pursuit of individual buyers of the heart. After all, the compact MPV on the domestic market of choice is not very rich, Opel Meriva by virtue of its unique advantages, as long as a reasonable price, the market may have satisfactory performance. (text / figure Huang Zhengqiao Sheng Yuanjun)

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Opel Meriva models with video introduction:

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