Purchase a car manual [] remember our millions of SUV large cross evaluation results? Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L although not won the title, but the overall strength is be obvious to people. However carefully have a look the Grand Cherokee configuration and price, we are not difficult to find, from the lowest 584900 yuan 3.6L comfortable edition peaked with 1269900 yuan 6.4L SRT8 models, the price span is great, but the price span in such a case which models the highest price? Don't worry, let me count the ways.

Jeep Grand Cherokee guide price

Jeep Grand Cherokee guide price

The Grand Cherokee a total of 5 models, the 3.6L emission of 3 price range in 58.49-75.99 yuan, equipped with HEMI engine models have two, emissions were 5.7L and 6.4L, the price respectively is 899900 yuan and 1269900 yuan.

● models.

JeepJeep大切诺基(进口)2014款 5.7L 旗舰尊崇版Because the Grand Cherokee is not a new generation of models, so the Grand Cherokee although the appearance of a larger change, but the actual figure compared with the old model, in addition to car and car high symbolic were modified, the rest for example, wheelbase, the vehicle width are maintained the old models of the data.

JeepJeep大切诺基(进口)2014款 3.6L 旗舰尊崇版The jeep is stick out a mile, more fashion, handsome face appearance let this always crude and careless American cowboy, shake the body into a suit of Gentlemen. But the side of the body Jeep or lazy, in addition to the details and the hub style of some tiny, you almost do not see any obvious different new and old.

Jeep Grand Cherokee external allocation / models 3.6L comfortable edition 3.6L luxury version of the navigation 3.6L flagship respected flagship 5.7L respect 6.4L SRT xenon headlamps ● ● ● ● ● LED daytime driving lights ● ● ● ● ● rain-sensing wipers ● ● ● ● ● rearview mirror electric folding ● ● ● ● ● roof luggage rack. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● headlight cleaning ● ● ● ● dark window glass.

The configuration of external, some commonly used configuration such as xenon headlamp, headlight cleaning, LED daytime running lights, for some differences in the configuration we second pages of details.

The 3.6L flagship exalted edition "" 3.6L luxury version of the navigation.

The 20 inch polishing wheel only configuration on the 3.6L luxury version of the navigation models are equipped with branch shape appearance, of course, the visual effect is naturally did not have to say, but the Kumho Tire of them somehow feel bad thing, or hope that manufacturers can consider or Goodyear, Michelin brand products.

JeepJeep大切诺基(进口)2014款 3.6L 旗舰尊崇版

"2014 Grand Cherokee" "2013 Grand Cherokee.

JeepJeep大切诺基(进口)2014款 3.6L 旗舰尊崇版

The new and the old Grand Cherokee contrast, you'll find out, in fact, interior design change is not big, the main layout is more or less the same, only the jeep central larger screen, the button layout change slightly, all black interior atmosphere relatively more young fashion.

Jeep Grand Cherokee main configuration models / configure 3.6L comfortable edition 3.6L luxury version of the navigation 3.6L flagship navigation edition 5.7L flagship exalted version of 6.4L SRT front electric seat adjustment ● ● ● ● ● heated front seats ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● rear seat heating, automatic dual zone air conditioning ● ● ● ● ● 8.4 "central liquid crystal ● ● ● ● ● screen GPS navigation ● ● ● ● ● multifunction steering wheel ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Bluetooth Phone 7 airbag ● ● ● ● ● automatic anti-glare rearview mirror ● ● ● ● ● keyless start ● ● ● ● ●

As a price in the large SUV of more than 500000, front electric seat adjustment, front / rear seat heating, GPS navigation and keyless start function is the most standard configuration appears.

JeepJeep大切诺基(进口)2014款 3.6L 旗舰尊崇版Ride and the storage space, the Grand Cherokee with larger body size showed fairly good, the rear seat in the middle position and not because of the four-wheel drive structure and excessive uplift, overall satisfactory.

JeepJeep大切诺基(进口)2014款 3.6L 旗舰尊崇版The Grand Cherokee each output power data

The Grand Cherokee each output power data

The Grand Cherokee equipped with a total of 3 different emissions of engine, the 3.6L engine from the dynamic parameters is already quite enough. And equipped with 5.7L and 6.4L HEMI engine models, I can only describe the metamorphosis of a word, if put aside some objective factors, such as the 6.4L Grand Cherokee body is too high, the head is too heavy and so on, so the Grand Cherokee SRT models have reached the performance cars have data.

● 3.6L comfortable edition /3.6L luxury version of the navigation

3.6L comfortable edition is the minimum allocation models the Grand Cherokee 3.6L luxury version of the navigation, but also is a low coordination. These two model of vehicle price 90000 yuan, the 90000 yuan you can buy the configuration can be many, panoramic sunroof, power liftgate, seat memory, air suspension and so on, it can be said that this 90000 Yuan's worth of.

JeepJeep大切诺基(进口)2014款 5.7L 旗舰尊崇版In addition to comfortable navigation version equipped with a minimum of external, the Grand Cherokee other configuration models are equipped with air suspension. For comfort, the performance will have a certain upgrade, so that consumers buy with air suspension system models to.

Even if it is equipped with a minimum of comfort navigation version also has the Grand Cherokee which set of powerful 4WD system, this system uses the multi-plate clutch transmission, with low speed driving function, equipped with the transfer case, but 3.6L Grand Cherokee and not equipped with rear differential lock, but which at the same level of luxury SUV is very good.

● 3.6L/5.7L flagship exalted Edition

3.6L and 5.7L flagship exalted edition as the configuration of exactly the same, so here is to say, the two configuration of exactly the same car, the difference is 140000, and the 140000 almost all the money on the 5.7L 8 cylinder engine, if not particularly like large capacity V8 engine, the 140000 is really not very value. While the configuration, compared to the luxury version of the navigation 3.6L, multiple configuration has 20 inch big wheel, adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlights and a 19 speaker Harman Kardon sound.

JeepJeep大切诺基(进口)2014款 5.7L 旗舰尊崇版

The flagship exalted edition exclusive leather seats and suede ceiling looks really very significant level, and 20 inch big wheels and exclusive air package, "face job" is done very foot. But the price, with the same emission 3.6L models, you need more than 3.6L luxury version of the navigation to spend 84000 yuan, such a count down, the price is not high.

●6.4L SRT

Then top with 6.4L SRT model to $370000 than 5.7L flagship version of your respect, this 370000 yuan is only engine with different? The answer is negative, 6.4L SRT models in addition to the larger engine, there are many SRT models for exclusive configuration, such as exclusive sport exhaust, damping adjustable suspension system, sport seats, exclusive luggage rack and so on, and worth 370000, this is a moment problem of views, I think from the price point, 1260000 to buy large SUV a 0-100 km accelerated to break 5 seconds or very effective.

JeepSRT大切诺基 SRT2014款 6.4L SRT8

This guy looks engine parameters, are domineering exposed to most incisive, but its performance also did not live up to the sharp appearance and discharge of amazing 6.4L HEMI engine, at the beginning of this year we measured 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT models 0-100 km accelerated to 4.61 seconds of the outstanding achievement of breakthrough in the official data nearly 0.3 seconds, and the change of new transmission and dynamic data is slightly enhanced 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT models that performance is not with her.

6.4L SRT models unique to configure the SRT-LED daytime driving lights, SRT- double cooling hole engine cover SRT- and disturbed flow ventilation kit SRT- black roof rack SRT- sports exhaust pipe SRT- sports steering wheel, SRT- sport seats SRT- damping adjustable suspension system, Selec-Track system, Quadra-Trac SRT track mode optional track is all.

Although the Grand Cherokee SRT appearance very flamboyant, engine power is very strong, there are a series of SRT exclusive package, but the price of 1269900 yuan it is the Grand Cherokee family spiritual leader. Believe that the choice of the car consumers choose the Grand Cherokee and other models of consumer purchase intention and the use of demand will be very different.

● models recommended

Recommended models: 3.6L luxury version of the navigation

The recommended index: ★★★★★ recommendation: This is the new Grand Cherokee full system comprehensive cost-effective models, about 600000 will be able to get a good air suspension, configuration, large SUV fully imported, is very cost-effective. Compared with the lowest version comfortable navigation, it is more than a set of air suspension, and a power liftgate, panoramic sunroof, seat memory / ventilation, both practical and face features. Rather than it being a configuration 3.6L flagship navigation edition in the price of your more than 8 blocks, and 20 inch big wheels, and 19 horns Harman Kardon sound looks more attractive, others such as adaptive cruise control, wood steering wheel are not essential configuration.

Recommended models: 3.6L comfortable edition recommended index: ★ ★ ★ recommendation: if your budget is not enough, and want to buy a bigger SUV buy this car, although there is no air suspension, as well as some comfort configuration, but about 500000 of the price in a large SUV levels in few rivals, plus on the strength is not weak 4WD system, the Grand Cherokee usually take you out with a wild, daily in the city on behalf of one step is also very good.

● summary

Through the above introduction, believe that the difference between the allocation and price you various models of the Grand Cherokee will know, obviously, the low allocation models and price the Grand Cherokee higher, especially 3.6L luxury version of the navigation, can be said that in addition to not equipped with 20 inch wheels and Harman Kardon sound, the remaining configurations have been very good, and equipped with a minimum of 3.6L comfortable edition, although the configuration is low, large SUV but about 500000 buy a four-wheel drive, there seems to be no wrong. As for the 3.6L flagship exalted edition, which is the most no Grand Cherokee all models in the model, the higher the price, the configuration is also revealed no transfer is especially exciting force, and the characteristics of the main 5.7L flagship exalted edition is its capacity of 8 cylinder engine, coupled with its low profile, if the budget is sufficient and not care about fuel consumption would be considered, while the 6.4L SRT models, which is one of the world's products, superior performance and price 1269900 yuan, believe that the only truly understand its people willing to pay for it. (picture / text Tianyang)

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