[] following the purchase a car manual Na Zhijie launched the first MPV models MASTER CEO, in April of this year, manufacturers have introduced second models MPV -- 7 Na Zhijie MPV. Look, you can be regarded as the seven version of MASTER CEO, in the configuration, 7 Nouchi MPV continues the configuration feature of rich, especially in the high-tech configuration. This time, we will address the nouchi 7 MPV launched 5 models, we analyze which kind of cost-effective, more worth buying.

Na Zhijie 7 MPV guidance price models price (million) elite 19.8 business type 21.8 luxury 23.8 administrative type 26.8 flagship type 27.8

● models:

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 行政型

In the appearance design, Nouchi 7 MPV and prior to the introduction of the CEO and MASTER are basically the same, still maintained a calm atmosphere of the design style, the difference is only in the details. The three grid hollow design to replace the network form design MASTER CEO, besides chrome-plating decoration strip shape, headlight style are preserved.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型

Na Zhijie 7 MPV body size contrast model 7 MPV Buick GL8 (old / new) Aili gentry Odyssey length (mm) and 48455213 (5256) 49354810 width (mm) of 18761847 (1878) 18451802 (mm) 17681750 (1800) 18051570 (mm) 2910308829002830 wheelbase

Na Zhijie 7 MPV dimensions of 4845 x 1876 x 1768 (mm), the wheelbase is 2910mm, data is compared with the current several mainstream MPV Aili gentry, Buick GL8 and the Odyssey, which is in the medium level.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型"Black interior color."

Interior air Na Zhijie 7 MPV, while one dashboard design and white color of the console added a few minutes for the vehicle technology. But in the interior color, Nouchi 7 MPV provides a gray and black two color scheme for consumer choice.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型As a MPV models, the Nouchi 7 MPV without doubt in the front row and the second row space, height 180cm experience in the front row, second rows of the head space were 1 punches and 4 refers to, the second row legroom reached 2 boxing, as for the third row space, this is the consumers concern. From the above can see, in second rows of seats don't move, Nouchi 7 MPV in the third row space is still good.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型In the 7 case, Nouchi 7 MPV trunk space is not too large. However, it has better performance in the luggage compartment expansibility, through the third row seat folding forward, the luggage compartment space will be further expanded, which is convenient to carry large articles.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 行政型Different from the previously listed MASTER CEO, Nouchi 7 MPV with full aluminum alloy 2 liter turbocharged engine, the maximum engine power of 170 horsepower (125kW) /5200rpm, maximum torque of 256N · m/2500-4000rpm, and the engine is matched by a love letter with 5 speed manual gearbox.

2.0T elite

The introduction of the five models, the 2.0T elite to the entry-level model, for the price of 198000 yuan. As an entry-level model, it is equipped with configuration slightly rich leather multifunction steering wheel, reversing radar, GPS navigation and reverse image, DVD function with interactive systems.

Configure the 2.0T elite manufacturers guidance price (million) 19.8 tires in size 215/60 R16 leather multifunction steering wheel, reversing radar, reverse image, heated front seats, leather seats, GPS navigation, human-computer interaction system, rearview mirror heating, automatic constant temperature air conditioning, a rear air outlet.

In comfort configuration, the Nouchi 7 MPV equipped with leather seats, heated front seats, automatic air conditioning and after discharge outlet. For a business to MPV, as the 2.0T elite entry-level performance in terms of configuration is in place, the only regret is that it is not equipped with an electric sunroof.

2.0T business

Configure the 2.0T elite 2.0T business manufacturers guidance price (million) price (yuan) 19.821.8 -2.0 keyless start system - the keyless entry system - the rear side glass privacy. Bilateral slide type electric rear door.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型"Bilateral slide type electric rear door.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型The rear side glass privacy. "

2.0T business model than the 2.0T elite price up to 20000 yuan, in the configuration, 2.0T business increased the keyless start system, keyless entry system, rear side privacy glass and bilateral slide type electric rear door, these configurations in addition to enhance the driving convenience, but also to the back row passenger privacy guarantees. But with the price of 20000 yuan for the introduction of the configuration, cost is still considered reasonable.

2.0T luxury

"Electric sunroof" "17 inch alloy wheels.

2.0T luxury price based on 2.0T business on up to 20000 yuan, the appearance of luxury, 2.0T uses a 17 inch alloy wheels, this is the most obvious difference compared with the 2.0T business type, and another is 2.0T luxury equipment electric sunroof, through the appearance of the configuration, or can easily distinguish between it and 2.0T business type difference.

Configure business luxury manufacturers guide price (yuan) 21.823.8 price (million) ● panoramic image monitoring system, image system - -2.0 215/60 R16215/55 R17 tire size front parking radar. Reverse image -360 degrees panorama ● vehicle side safety image auxiliary system - - - electric sunroof. Stereo speaker system with 4 speakers the 7 speaker (JBL) driving seat shoulder speaker with microphone, Bluetooth hands-free system -3GUSB and Card Reader (Reader For NAVI).

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型"Image system 360 degree panorama.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型"The vehicle side safety image auxiliary system.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型The panoramic image monitoring system.

In the configuration, 2.0T business adds front parking radar, 360 degree panorama image system, vehicle side safety image auxiliary system, panoramic image monitoring system, which allows the driver to effectively reduce because the blind area and resulted in the loss of, let the traffic safety has been a certain improvement. At the same time to join the 3G function with Bluetooth hands-free system, seat shoulder added a speaker and a microphone, make calls to more convenient, clear. On the price increase of 20000 yuan, the cost of the part or value, which in addition to enhance the vehicle class, traffic safety has certain promotion. But unfortunately, this model is not equipped with vehicle stability control system, with only the front airbags, brake force distribution, the most basic brake assist and ABS anti-lock these configurations, the security configuration is relatively low.

The administration of 2.0T type

"Xenon headlamps" "automatic headlights.

2.0T's selling price is 268000 yuan, compared with the 2.0T luxury increased 30000 yuan. The security configuration, 2.0T administrative joined rear side curtain airbags, traction control and vehicle stability control system; lighting system in addition to the use of xenon headlights, the function also has a cleaning, automatic opening and closing, ASF active steering and height adjustable function.

Configuration luxury executive manufacturers guidance price (million) price (yuan) 23.826.8 -3.0 rear side curtain airbags. Traction control - the vehicle stability control system - the xenon headlamps. Automatic headlights - ● steering headlights (auxiliary lamp) - the headlight cleaning device. After the headlight height adjustable. Mirror electric folding - ● lane departure warning system - the night vision system. The master / deputy driver's seat electric regulating main ● / Vice - principal ● / Vice ● front seat massage - ● electric seat memory - the third row of the right handrail AV terminal. The rear LCD screen - the rear independent air conditioning - the third row of the left handrail 220V power socket.

The lane departure warning system and vision system "" rear LCD screen lamp. "

In addition, for the front occupants equipped with seat electric adjustment, front seat massage and memory function, and thus to the front occupants provides a more convenient and ride comfort; in the back equipped with 10.2 inch LCD screen, rear independent air conditioning and practical configuration -- 220V power socket, but also to the rear passengers traveling in entertainment more and comfort. In addition, 2.0T administration is equipped with lane departure warning systems and night vision system is the same price not available on the MPV.

After the 2.0T administrative price increase of 30000 yuan, the configuration has been greatly improved, which is equipped with night vision system, rear side curtain airbags, vehicle stability control system to give us the daily driving brings more security; and the front seat massage function, front seat electric adjustment, front seat memory function, 220V power supply socket, the rear LCD screen and rear independent air conditioning configuration in addition to comfort and convenience to enhance the occupants of the outside, also let Na Zhijie 7 MPV more commercial color, the whole of this part of the costs can be said to be worth, models the higher price, it is recommended to buy.

The flagship 2.0T

Configure the 2.0T administrative 2.0T flagship manufacturers guidance price (million) price (yuan) 26.827.8 -1.0 dual SIM card infinite wisdom system.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 旗舰型The flagship 2.0T price than the 2.0T administrative costs 10000 yuan, increased 2.0T flagship in the configuration on the double SIM card this configuration infinite wisdom. It is understood, this configuration based on Android system build, with built-in dual SIM cards and a variety of customized software, so that the rear passengers can enjoy browsing webpage, brush micro-blog, one-way video call (accept only, no camera car) and other functions. In terms of price, the cost of 10000 yuan for this configuration is not too value, effect than use flat computer Internet is convenient, but for some business people still has a certain practicality.

● models recommended

Recommended models: 2.0T luxury Recommendation Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ recommend reason: 2.0T luxury compared to the 2.0T business, the price expensive 20000 yuan, in the configuration it adds 360 degree panorama image system, vehicle side safety image auxiliary system, panoramic image monitoring system, electric sunroof configuration, at the same time the hub upgrade to 17 inches, which to some extent to enhance the vehicle class, for commercial use, but not too ample funds, this model is a good choice, but it is a pity that the models in the security configuration only reached a basic level, vehicle stability control system.

Recommended models: 2.0T administrative Recommendation Index: ★★★★★ recommend reason: compared to 2.0T Deluxe Edition, the price expensive 30000 yuan, but for night vision system, rear side curtain airbags, vehicle stability control system, security configuration becomes more comprehensive, and each kind of rich configuration to make it at the same level models showed higher technical content, the cost of 30000 yuan in exchange for these configurations can be said that value for money. Whether in the comfort, safety and technical aspects of 2.0T administration, showed a very high price, the most worthy of recommendation.

Recommended models: 2.0T flagship Recommendation Index: ★ ★ ★ recommend reason: the flagship 2.0T as the highest allocation models, in the price than the 2.0T administration is higher than 10000 yuan, in the allocation of it only increases the SIM card infinite intelligence system, the cost of 10000 yuan for the configuration of a person that is not too value, its use is not the direct use of flat computer to access the Internet more convenient. However, this configuration through the built-in dual SIM cards and a variety of customized software, provides mobile Internet, mobile office and other functions for the rear passengers, can meet part of the needs of business professionals.


This draw Zhijie MPV launched 5 models, I recommend three models for everyone, practical, I think 2.0T luxury is more appropriate, this model has been equipped with electric sunroof, image system 360 degree panorama and bilateral slide type electric rear door, rich configuration, but unfortunately in the security configuration only reached the basic level, it is only equipped with front airbags, brake force distribution, the most basic and ABS anti-lock brake assist, but not with the vehicle stability control system.

纳智捷东风裕隆大7 MPV2013款 2.0T 行政型For the pursuit of higher configuration consumers, 2.0T administration is more suitable in the security configuration, it joined the rear side curtain airbags, vehicle stability control system, in the comfort of the configuration of the front seats with massage, rear independent air conditioning and 10.2 inch LCD screen, the safety, comfort and entertainment configuration performance a more comprehensive, good to meet the needs of consumers for business purposes, it is recommended. Of course, if adding one models between 2.0T Deluxe Edition and 2.0T executive edition, this model based on 2.0T luxury version of the corresponding perfect security configuration, and the price is controlled in a reasonable range, will consumers is a good choice.

Finally is the flagship 2.0T, this model is compared to the 2.0T executive edition in the configuration on the increase only SIM card infinite wisdom, but the price has increased by 10000 yuan, for this model, I only give three stars of the recommended configuration utility, increase is not too strong, suitable only for individual have higher requirements. Consumers of commercial vehicles. (text / Ruan Zhihui)

This is not the end, the next page and part of the model parameter configuration. In addition, Nouchi 7 MPV car has to store, want to know the new car in your area to store information or booking, please click here; you can also click here for more information.

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