[preliminary auditions] facing the booming SUV market, many manufacturers in the rack one's brains to introduce new models SUV more competitive trying to gain a foothold, including joint venture brands are still concentrated in the 150000 level and above, while the independent brand to burn until the flames below 150000, or even 100000 yuan this price. Below I will guide you to know within several 150000 independent brand SUV rookie, they are respectively the refine S5, Pentium X80, hippocampal S7 and X5 landwind.

Refine S5 2.0T manual enjoy Edition

Refine S5 is a city SUV, undeniable is, we still can from its appearance, see a bit of modern ix35 shadow, especially the body side lines. Refine S5 in front of the design technique of radical, upper and lower grille together form a X shape, highlight the movement, the fashion, but the overall feeling is not very coordinated. Jianghuai refine S5 body size is 4475 x 1840 x 1680mm (equipped with a minimum height is 1670mm, wheelbase reached 2645mm). In general, refine S5 plain, consumers will not appearance Association of phase one of it.

In appearance, refine S5 interior looks more in line with the positioning of city SUV, black and orange colors, simple, smooth lines and silver decoration common highlighted the "fashion" two words. From materials and assembly process point of view, refine S5 no obvious defects, hard plastic console is the normal performance of this price, processing of each parts of corner and seam between are within the acceptable range, no crudely made.

The independent brand car has always been in the configuration is more honest, refine S5 most models are equipped with automatic headlights, electric sunroof, heated seats, GPS navigation, vehicle stability control, traction control system, upslope auxiliary system, steep slope slowly descending system, tire pressure monitoring, front and rear parking radar and side airbags and so on, is very rich.

江淮江淮汽车瑞风S52013款 2.0T 手动新锐版

As a compact SUV, refine S5 to the appropriate level, in height over 184cm editors, the back row space is not a problem, the trunk volume and flatness are to be satisfied.

Refine S5 all models are 2.0L, 1.8T and 2.0T three engines, wherein 1.8T is only one, and with the same 2.0T configuration models the price agreed, so not the kingpin models, basic can be ignored. The 2.0L engine maximum power of 136 horsepower, peak torque to 180 nm; the maximum power of 2.0T gasoline engine of 177 horsepower, peak torque to 265 nm. For the average person daily driving, I think the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine is enough, not only the price of a new car is cheap, maintenance is also cheaper.

The whole system is only equipped with a manual transmission is a big regret refine S5, which undoubtedly will lose some customers like automatic. But from a practical point of view, the manual will be more sturdy and durable, and 2.0T models equipped with the 6 block manual gearbox, contribute to high speed to reduce fuel consumption.

Refine S5 uses a multi-link independent rear suspension, adjustable bias in comfort, electric power steering can be in low speed to the rotation of the steering wheel is very easy, high speed can increase steering efforts, let the steering becomes steady, consistent with most people's needs.


In general, refine S5 is not a pure with attractive appearance of the vehicle, it is very practical, configuration and space are not lost to the rival. The force is also a naturally aspirated and turbocharged multiple choice, there is no automatic might make it a part of the loss of customers, but for the driving experience of people, this is not a thing, but the manual will be more sturdy and durable.

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Pentium X80 2.0L luxury manual

X80 is the Pentium FAW launched the first SUV, and Pentium B90 using the same power system, emphasizing the highway control of it also has a beautiful appearance, let us work together to learn about this car.

奔腾一汽奔腾奔腾X802013款 2.3L 自动旗舰型

The shape is the first X80 attraction, rounded lines and dynamic. Joined the LED daytime running lights, as it adds a sense of fashion, and the top distribution models equipped with xenon headlights. The design of the Pentium X80 appearance is most noticeable is the body D column, chrome-plating decoration strip speed roof fall extends to the tail, and rear window decorative strip is connected into an arc, this design I was first time to see, very creative.

The interior is taking the simple line, various keys are within reach, clear layout, the first to use it without any difficulty. The multifunction steering wheel buttons a lot, including multimedia control, traffic control and computer, cruise control and other functions. The grip from the centre console with soft material, leather steering wheel and the dashboard style and workmanship, Pentium X80 is better than the previously introduced refine S5, of course, the overall price of X80 or more.

Configuration from the point of view, the Pentium X80 only in the autonomous vehicle is flat, in the high allocation of vehicles equipped with automatic air conditioning, heated seats and the multi-function steering wheel, multimedia system and a 7 inch LCD screen only top with it, even the ESP with manual transmission models for no reason, feel not good.

Spatial aspects of Pentium X80 exhibit excellent practicality, even if you carry more small items, the car compartment sizes can also be placed them under the. The riding space, X80 can also be very spacious, before the height 179cm editing experience results before and after the head space fist half, rear leg two fist half, at the same level had rise above the common herd. The second row seat recline trunk smooth one detail is also worthy of praise of the Pentium X80.

2.0L and 2.3L two naturally aspirated engine is the FAW Pentium present main engine, with the 6MT and 6AT gearbox, can provide consumers more choice. From the running performance, Pentium X80 and unlike most SUV too much emphasis on comfort, steering fuzzy, contrary to its control is more close to the car. The 2.0L engine can also play a good momentum in the low speed range, and the output of linear, is enough to satisfy most of the people use demand.

Chassis tuning is tough, turning roll is suppressed well, in a flat asphalt road to walk this adjustment is very suitable, but encountered non-road pavement or poor road conditions of asphalt pavements, suspension of rough filtration is not thorough enough, poor comfort.


Pentium X80 in the driving quality still maintained a Pentium FAW has characteristics, that is to pay attention to control feeling, it is the biggest difference with the same level of the opponent. However in the turbo engine strong momentum, FAW Pentium naturally aspirated engine combined with fear in the power and has no advantage, more perfect matching in the gearbox, manual, automatic available, optional consumer is relatively large.

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Hippocampal S7 2.0L automatic wisdom enjoy type

海马海马汽车海马S72013款 2.0L 自动智享型

Hippocampal S7 is a compact SUV, its body size is 4498 x 1830 x 1730mm, the wheelbase is 2619mm, and before the introduction of the hippocampal Knight size, even two cars are run in the same groove side. But S7 of the front and the rear with a new design, the overall feeling more fashion.

The interior contains a bit like a Korean car fashion elements, with black and orange also add a sporty. Hippocampal S7 upper console with soft material covered, splicing between parts, buttons, knobs feel relative hippocampal Knight all had the obvious progress.

Like the majority of independent brands, hippocampal S7 is not configured in shabby, with cars equipped with a 7 Inch Touch screen, and with the navigation, reverse image, Bluetooth phone and the SD card expansion functions. Besides low with the wisdom is the type, other models are equipped with vehicle stability control and traction control system, ensure traffic safety.

The car passenger space and the storage space, height 179cm experience sitting in the front row, the front-row forehead space S7 in a fist spare; rear head and legs are a punch in the space, the whole, the normal level of its car passenger space belongs to the same level vehicle. The number and practical compartments are strong, the volume after the trunk down is also good, but compared to the Pentium X80 in flatness or to be inferior.

"There are 5MT gearbox optional."

Hippocampal S7 with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, maximum power of 150 horsepower /6000rpm, can output the maximum torque of 180 nm at 4500rpm. In the transmission system, it has 5 speed manual gearbox and 5 speed manual gearbox optional, from the combination of power, hippocampal S7 and no advantage compared to competitors.

From before the test run, the power output of the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine relatively dull, throttle response is to let a person feel some gentle, a maximum power of 150 horsepower with a weight of more than 1.5 tons of SUV, do a bit difficult. But the ride comfort of 5AT gearbox really gave us a little surprise, it with the engine match good, smooth shift, and the normal driving conditions the shift speed is generally not more than 2000 rpm, efforts to reduce fuel consumption.

In addition, the hippocampal S7 is a suspension tuning is tough SUV, cornering suspension for vehicle support in place, on the feedback of relatively close with the car, but the adjustment of this is bound to reduce comfort. Love, or love comfort control depends on the tastes of consumers.


To tell the truth, the S7 in the power system and the chassis and the hippocampal knight is not much difference, so the driving feeling two car will be basically equivalent. But S7 in appearance, interior is more fashionable, configuration is more abundant, so it is more suitable for city SUV. For power without excessive pursuit of consumers, the hippocampal S7 is also a good choice.

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X5 Landwind 2.0T manual leader version

The final stage is still a particular control means, and it uses 2.0T turbocharged engine, the power also has a good performance, it is X5 landwind.

On the appearance, the Landwind X5 to better my feeling in the top three, because it not only beautiful fashion, but also to retain the SUV Hale line, the overall feeling stronger, domineering. Its body size is 4568 x 1855 x 1710mm, wheelbase 2660mm, be roughly the same with the opponent. In detail, X5 Landwind is impressive. The front and rear bumpers are install scuff plate metal texture, the bottom of the engine is also provided with a protective plate. In addition, the engine compartment lid and a front door frame all the way around with a sealing strip, ensure the sound insulation and noise reduction capability of the vehicle, facts prove that silencing X5 Landwind indeed.

The interior has imitate the Toyota RAV4 suspected, but never mind, after all, is not completely copied. In order to save costs, the console was completely covered with hard material, so the feeling in general. But its key workmanship is exquisite, the damping medium, not give people feel cheap. The steering wheel is good, but can be up and down before and after 4 to adjust, which is rare at this price models. As for the configuration, X5 Landwind not dominant compared with other competitors, particularly at the whole system are not ESC vehicle stability control system is unreasonable, the control screen and did not.

陆风陆风汽车陆风X52013款 2.0T 手动创领版Because the seat is on the high side, leading to the front-row forehead space is relatively small, before my colleagues (height 182cm) after the experience, in front of only three fingers in the head space, feel very depressed. However, the back of the performance is worth affirmation, head of a punch, punch four legs, enough to satisfy most of the people. The rear seats can be scaled down, only the rear seats recline not floor and trunk flush, will influence how much practical.

X5 Landwind the biggest selling point is the dynamic system, from the Shenyang spaceflight Mitsubishi 4G63S4T engine, with 6MT gearbox Getrag production, it measured the 0-100km/h acceleration reached 11.13 seconds, which is in the same level of SUV is very fast. Although the engine from the look on the parameters and there is a large gap between the joint venture model 2.0T, but the actual performance of X5 Landwind couldn't disappoint. Kerb mass 1580kg Landwind X5 in 2.0T engine driven is very light, whether it is started or will do a job with skill and ease in the posterior segment of speed.

Its chassis tuning also tend to exercise, suspension hale and helps to improve the driving stability, but the loss of some comfort. Steering dynamics is moderate, uniform, it is also very smoothly. It seems now the city SUV driving experience is more close to the car, maybe just two years on the few models appear again that Huhu long feeling.

Of course, there is not a perfect car in the world, especially the 100000 level models. Not just as one wishes in front of X5 Landwind allocation performance has been mentioned, and the brake pedal foot feeling soft, the effect of initial braking segment is not obvious, the braking distance is longer, if in the city traffic jam stop-and-go, the driver's right foot easily fatigue.


X5 Landwind is a distinctive feature of the car, it pays attention to the power and the driving feeling, suspension tuning is tough, and the mute effect is good. A simple configuration is but a big short board it, after all, now many people driving experience are not very concerned about, they only focus on comfort and configuration, and X5 Landwind precisely in these two aspects are not good at. Of course, the Landwind X5 certainly not only the three at present, there is news that before high-profile 8AT models will be listed at the end of the year, believe that by that time the Landwind X5 performance will be more comprehensive.

If you are interested in X5 Landwind and book the intention, please click here, fill in your details, we will contact you in person. If you want to know your local dealers which have more information, please click here, contact the local dealer to the actual store experience test or to negotiate purchase.


The above described four cars including section two uses a turbocharged engine, with two using the naturally aspirated engine, by contrast, dynamic X5 Landwind is stronger, and hippocampal S7 with only a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, all power is relatively weak. However, if consumers want to choose automatic transmission models, then refine S5 and X5 Landwind currently do not satisfy you, shift 5AT gearbox in the Pentium X80 6AT gearbox and hippocampal S7 smoothness is very good. From the aspects of configuration, comfort and the price point of view, refine S5 has the advantage in the four cars, while the other three cars chassis tuning are biased in favor of tough style, comfort in general. In addition, the overall price of S7 and Pentium X80 hippocampus is much higher, so the price reduced. Overall, four cars have their own distinctive features, as to how to choose the consumer, that is about to see their needs. (Zhang Ziyi)

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