[new graphic] what way can make goods instantly become rare, unique? I believe many of my friends all know, is the introduction of "limited edition". Recently, BMW brilliance launched two 5 series Li limited edition models, respectively for the 525Li version and 535Li Zhuo Zhuo Le Le version, the biggest bright spot is the famous Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen sound system build and the only sold 500 units of this rare degree. In addition, the body and added a lot of exclusive logo, highlight the specificity, and the 535Li models increased the Nappa leather seats, more luxurious feel. As for the price aspect, 525Li Zhuo Yue edition for the price of 561900 yuan, while the 535Li Zhuo Yue edition for the price of 775000 yuan. This time we shot to the model for the BMW 535Li Zhuo Yue edition, in this paper will be introduced to some of its unique features, and combine it with the 525Li zoller version and the price of similar models are compared, to explore whether it is worth buying.

宝马华晨宝马宝马5系2013款 535Li 卓乐版

宝马华晨宝马宝马5系2013款 535Li 卓乐版

宝马华晨宝马宝马5系2013款 535Li 卓乐版This article is not finished, click on the third page of parameter configuration table view the BMW 5 series Li more models. If you like BMW 535Li appearance and interior, or its exclusive touched you, want to buy it immediately, you can click here, after which there will be 4S shop staff contact with you, want to know more models offer and dealer information, you can also click here.

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